Heading off to Pony Club Camp this summer?

See our checklist to make sure you have everything you (or your child) needs to have a camp they won’t forget!

Riding Clothes

Not sure on what clothes you need to pack for camp, see our suggestions below:

·         Jacket (check whether you’ll need a tweed or showjacket for any ‘end-of-week’ events)

·         Jodhpurs (beige, blue, brown or black)

·         Long Riding Boots or Short Boots and Chaps

·         White shirt with sleeves or your Pony Camp sweatshirt, polo shirt or eventing shirts

·         Don’t forget – you may not be allowed to ride in a hoody!

·         2 pairs of gloves (you’re bound to mislay a pair – or a single glove!)

·         Hair nets if your hair is anything but super short. 

·         Body Protector with a BETA Level 3 safety standard (check out our latest YouTube video to make sure yours still fits!)

·         Tagged riding hat (with a black or navy silk if you need one)

·         Waterproof clothing just in case it rains!

For your test and last day show you will almost certainly need: Hacking jacket, white/beige/cream jodhpurs, white shirt with sleeves and your Pony Club tie and badge.

For the Horse

We can’t forget the horse’s suitcase for a fun camp! We’ve got some ideas for those things that really are essential (and others that might be useful too…)

  • At least 2 numnahs or saddlecloths. They will get filthy.
  • Neck strap – particularly if you’re likely to be trying new things for the first time. An extra bit of stability can be really helpful…,
  • Grass reins or daisy reins if your pony is a bit more greedy than gung ho…
  • Horse boots – make sure you take what you normally use and in any event consider overreach boots and brushing boots if you’re doing more jumping or fast work than you do at home
  • Headcollar and leadrope
  • Rugs (a sweat rug is essential)
  • 2 x haynets
  • 4 x buckets (2 for water, 1 for feed and 1 for tack cleaning)
  • Tack cleaning kit
  • Small saddle horse or similar for tack cleaning
  • Over the door or hanging bridle hook (can share with neighbour!)
  • Grooming kit with all your usual bits and also sponges, a sweat scraper and plaiting bands for all the beautifying you’ll need to do at the end of the week
  • Fly spray
  • Feed for your pony – can be measured out for each meal and stored in individual freezer bags. Make sure they are labelled with the rider’s name!
  • Electrolytes if it’s going to be warm.
  • Any medication your pony needs.
  • Wheelbarrow/muck skip, shavings fork and broom.

And finally...

A big smile!  Don’t forget to take that with you and have lots of fun – it’s going to be awesome!!

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