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Your horse might use a headcollar everyday, but do you know your halter from your foal slip? Our useful ‘jargon buster’ is aimed to help guide you through all the words and phrases we use to describe what is probably the most commonly used equestrian item.

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Do you know your half pads from your saddlecloths? Your bamboo from your bindings? In this jargon buster, we’re going to help you navigate the slightly confusing world of anything and everything that goes under the saddle including half pads, saddlecloths and numnahs.

RB Equestrian top 6 turnout rugs

Whether you have a clipped competition horse you need to keep warm and dry, or a native that needs a little protection from the rain and nothing else, we have a great selection of turnout rugs for you. Whatever the budget, fill or style you’re looking for, RB Equestrian will have at least one option to suit. Our guide explains our top six turnout rugs to cater for lots of different equine needs.