At RB Equestrian, we’re often asked what the difference is between gaiters and half chaps, so we’ve put together this short guide to help you. Have a look at our video too which highlights some of the differences.  


When it comes to gaiters, these are usually made from leather and have the zip at the back of the leg, and a high cut to the outside. They work with jodhpur boots and paddock boots and are designed to give the look of long leather riding boots.

Half chaps

Now, half chaps are slightly different. They, like gaiters, fit on the lower part of the leg over jodhpur boots or paddock boots, but that’s where they similarities end. They usually have their zip to the outside of the leg and can be made from a range of different materials such as leather, suede, neoprene or other synthetic materials. Half chaps are usually softer and more flexible than gaiters, making them more comfortable to wear day in, day out.

Gaiters or half chaps?

If you’re planning to use your purchase for competition, gaiters are usually a better option thanks to the slim, elegant and tailored fit they provide. If you’re looking for something to wear every day, then the chances are that half chaps are the best option for you.

If you’re planning to wear anything for competition, always make sure that you’ve checked the competition rules beforehand.