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I LOVE summer! Long, warm evenings. Beautiful weather for hacking followed by a cheeky bevy in a pub garden, Bliss! But it’s not without its buzzing downsides. Flies, dehydration, lethargy and sunburn are all things us horse owners need to take into consideration when caring for our horses during the summer months.

Pony Club

It’s fast approaching the time of year that many Pony Club riders (and lots of our customers) aim for, and that’s Pony Club camp.

Whether you (or your child) are going to camp every day and coming home in the evening, or the full camp and camping experience awaits, we want to help you pack what you need for the trip.

A competition horse

An adult horse in intense training can require up to double the calories of a horse for maintenance. Combined with an increased requirement for protein and certain vitamins, minerals and electrolytes this means that the nutritional management of competition horses can be very different to horses at rest.

Horses eating grass

Laminitis is a word that strikes fear into the hearts of most horse owners, and for good reason as laminitis can be a potentially fatal condition.

There are many factors that can cause laminitis. Concussion and even some medications can trigger laminitis. But here we’re going to focus on feed and management of horses and ponies prone to or at risk of laminitis. We will be looking at spring as when the grass comes through, it really does pay to be on high alert.

StormX Original All Rounder Thelwell Collection Fly Rug from RB Equestrian

If your horse is bothered or agitated by flies when they are in the field (or sometimes in the stable too) then you should consider getting them to wear a fly rug. Normally designed for turnout they can help keep most of the pesky flies away from your horse. Not only might this make life more comfortable for your horse in terms of reducing the flies’ access to them, a fly rug may also help keep your horse safe in the sun too. This handy guide helps you to decide what fly rug to choose.

Dog coat from RB Equestrian

Dog coats are a great way of helping to keep your dog warm and dry in the winter months, but can also be used to help the dog dry after swimming and wet walks all year round. There are even dog coats available that help to keep them cool in the summer. Whatever type of dog coat you choose, you want to make sure it fits to help ensure your dog is comfortable when he or she is wearing it.