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Your horse might use a headcollar everyday, but do you know your halter from your foal slip? Our useful ‘jargon buster’ is aimed to help guide you through all the words and phrases we use to describe what is probably the most commonly used equestrian item.

Two riders

Do you know your half pads from your saddlecloths? Your bamboo from your bindings? In this jargon buster, we’re going to help you navigate the slightly confusing world of anything and everything that goes under the saddle including half pads, saddlecloths and numnahs.

RB Equestrian top 6 turnout rugs

Whether you have a clipped competition horse you need to keep warm and dry, or a native that needs a little protection from the rain and nothing else, we have a great selection of turnout rugs for you. Whatever the budget, fill or style you’re looking for, RB Equestrian will have at least one option to suit. Our guide explains our top six turnout rugs to cater for lots of different equine needs.

LeChameau wellington boots from RB Equestrian

Puddles and mud go hand in hand with horse ownership and equestrian activities in the winter (and sometimes spring, autumn and summer!) months, but we’re here to help with our top six wellingtons for horsey people. We’ve selected a range of wellingtons to suit all budgets, from different brands, with different features. If you’re feeling a bit confused about what to buy, here are our top six wellingtons for equestrians….

A fully clipped horse

Many horse owners clip their horses, whether it’s in the autumn and winter to remove a thick winter coat and keep them cool when working, to neaten up legs, or even for horses with conditions such as Cushing’s that grow incredibly thick coats all year round. Clipping is a useful skill to learn if your horse fits into any of these categories.

Fireworks, love them or hate them they aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. It’s often a worrying and anxious time for owners as well as their horses, ponies and other pets. Leaving out vs keeping in is often the main topic of conversation at many yards as we all want to do what’s best for our much-loved friends. The answer to this question will depend greatly on the horse in question and the facilities of your yard.

I LOVE summer! Long, warm evenings. Beautiful weather for hacking followed by a cheeky bevy in a pub garden, Bliss! But it’s not without its buzzing downsides. Flies, dehydration, lethargy and sunburn are all things us horse owners need to take into consideration when caring for our horses during the summer months.