It’s that time of year again when the leaves begin to fall, the nights draw in and cooler damper days are ahead of us.

However, these are some of the best days to ride. With beautiful colours on trails and green lanes, the cool crisp air invigorates the skin and opens up the lungs leaving you feeling revitalised and energetic.

So now is the time to get you and your bike ready for the winter months ahead. We have a few tips for you to be safe on dark nights and early morning commutes along with keeping dry, warm and comfortable on your recreational ride.

Lets start with the bike

Keep the rain and dirt off you and your bike with a good set of mudguards. You can have a robust set of clip on guards for your trail riding or a solid set of properly fitted full mudguards which are best suited for the commuter.


All lights these days are USB rechargeable and well known brands like Cateye are reliable and sturdy so they are not just good for one season. A mid range priced set will cost around £50 but this will give a bright enough front lamp to see the road ahead rather than just being visible to others. The rear light will have a number of different flashing modes to grab the attention of other road users. Helmet lights are great too. They light the direction you are looking in which is often before you steer into that space.


It takes a bit more effort to keep the bike clean and lubricated. Muc-Off, the best known brand in the business, have the complete package and we stock it all. Cleaning and degreasing the bike is essential to prolonging the life of your drivetrain and the performance. A range of biodegradable cleaners effortlessly remove road dirt, grit and salt. Then you need to relube with a winter weight oil. This will stay on longer during wet periods and aid better shifting.

Next is the rider

Scottish brand Endura is probably the best for quality and affordability. Most shop staff ride this brand for these very reasons. The better kitted out you are the less reasons you have not to ride

Hi viz or fashionable trail jackets don’t just keep you dry they are highly breathable so you don’t sweat on the inside. Tailored fits for cycling means pockets and stitching are not in the way, arm length and longer tails cover you when on the handlebars. Windproof and waterproof gloves keep the hands dry and warm along with Merino wool socks and/or waterproof overshoes. Keeping your extremities comfortable makes a massive difference along with warm baselayers.

Why not come to visit us instore where we can show you products, get some bike cleaning tips and you can try on clothes and get great advice from keen riders.


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