The best folding bike in the world, undoubtedly. It folds down small and takes you (almost) anywhere – hand built and quality assured in their London factory. The Brompton bike is made for those that live, work or play in cities. Take it on all forms of transport – rush-hour trains, in the boot of the car or the local taxi boat.

Customize your bike with us. Choose your frame colours, gearing, handlebar type, tyres and accessories to make your bike unique. There are so many options to choose from whether its from Bromptons stock options to making your bike completely custom with after market parts. There is a cult of passionate owners and owners clubs around the world with a wealth of ideas and customization to help you bespoke your perfect bike.

We have had the pleasure of selling and repairing Bromptons for a long time which gives us the wealth of knowledge you would expect. We stock most spares and accessories and stock a large range of models and colours whether it be one of the Special editions or an Electric Brompton.

Check out some of the models and special editions below

Our Brompton Accredited workshop can help keep your bike in tip-top shape throughout the year. Our technicians are always up to date with the latest parts, innovations and software updates if you are a Brompton Electric owner.

We aim to keep the majority of service parts in stock so that you don’t have to be without your bike any longer than necessary.


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