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It’s fast approaching the time of year that many Pony Club riders (and lots of our customers) aim for, and that’s Pony Club camp.

Whether you (or your child) are going to camp every day and coming home in the evening, or the full camp and camping experience awaits, we want to help you pack what you need for the trip. 

If you have a good read of everything below, refer to any lists that your Pony Club has sent you and speak to people who have already been, you shouldn’t go too far wrong.

We also know, from experience, that there are so many lovely, helpful people at camp that even if you have forgotten something, there’s sure to be someone there who will help you out.

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What to wear for Pony Club camp

It’s important to make sure you’re wearing the right pieces of clothing and safety wear at camp to help you look smart and stay safe. Here is our must-take list:

 A jacket – make sure you read the schedule from camp so you can see whether you need a tweed or show jacket.

Jodhpurs or breeches – with the British weather being what it is and the opportunity for jodhpurs to get grubby very quickly, we’d suggest taking a spare pair or two, just in case. As for the colour, traditionally it was usually beige or cream, but lots of branches now let you wear darker colours during the week (and keep the lighter colours for the final day).  Almost certainly they’ll need to be pattern free though!  Plain and classic is the way to go.

A riding hat is an absolute essential, so make sure that yours meets the current standards and fits well. We offer free hat checks in store if you want to check the fit, and if yours doesn’t meet the current standard or if it’s been damaged because of a fall/dropping the helmet, we can sort you out with a new one that fits you too. You will also need a black or navy hat cover to go over the top if you have a skull cap.

A body protector can help to reduce the severity of injuries should you have a fall, and with camp being a very exciting environment for horses, ponies and their riders, there might be some tumbles. The body protector should fit well and be of BETA Level 3 standard. If you’re not sure if your body protector fits properly, just come in store and we’ll check it for you for free.

When it comes to boots, you might opt for long riding boots, jodhpur boots with clips, or you might decide to go for boots with chaps or gaiters. These should be brown or black, plain (as in no wild designs or extra bits) and matching. If you do have a spare pair, it might be worth taking these with you just in case you get wet when riding as they’ll have time to dry off.

Gloves are a must, and as with jodhpurs, gloves can get very grubby very quickly so if you can take some spares, all the better. These should be plain in colour.

It’s important that your hair is kept neat, tidy and out of the way, and this can be done with a hairnet or a plain hair tie or scrunchie.

You’ll need a shirt to wear with your Pony Club tie and sweatshirt. You might find a school shirt works well for this if you’re wearing a tie. You might need a competition shirt if you’re wearing a stock.

Waterproofs are always a good idea! Waterproof over trousers and a short jacket or a long riding jacket can be a life saver when the weather is horrible. And don’t forget wellies, for time when you’re not on your horse.

Something snug. Even though it’s summer, having some comfy jogging bottoms and a top for the drive home after a busy day are a good idea too.

We recommend writing down a list of all you need (don’t leave it to chance) and making sure everything still fits before you pack as it might have been a few months since everything was last worn!

And, of course, if you need any help getting the right kit for camp, you can visit us online or come and see us in person.

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