Here it comes… the 14th February, Valentine’s Day!

You either roll your eyes at the thought of Cupid or love the whole thing: buying (and eating) chocolates, popping a champagne cork and wrapping a pile of pink based presents.

Even if you are a big fan of the day of love, Valentine’s Day for us equestrian lovers still means a trip to the yard.   We have to be up at the crack of dawn to make sure our real love is being looked after properly!

So while we’re may be not getting breakfast in bed and being showered with gifts there are 5 reasons why being a horse lover on Valentine’s Day is the perfect match!

1. That Early Morning Whinny!

It must be said, one of our favourite sounds is the gentle whinny of our horse in the morning! Always happy to see us, with no grumbling or moaning about planning date night! 

Even if you haven’t brushed your hair and are wearing your worst outfit – having a horse on Valentine’s Day means someone will always be happy to see you, no matter what you look like.

2. Breakfast in bed with no complaints

You can still treat your horse to breakfast in bed and it won’t matter how it comes as they will love every single bit of it!

An extra sloppy green kiss at the end of it will show just how much they love you (we can allow for a bit of green sludge on your top on Valentine’s Day….)!

3. Horse treats are healthier than boxes of chocolates (at least for you!)

A bag of treats for your horse will save you lots of calories compared to a box of indulgent heart-shaped chocolates! And a gentle nudge to your pocket where the pack of Polos are hiding will make you smile and feel like the most appreciated person in the world. 

Your horse, of course, will be delighted too.  A couple of Polos or a bag of treats will have your horse thinking it’s their birthday!

4. Manicures & Massages

Okay, okay, it might not be for you but we’re sure your horse will love having a good groom on Valentine’s Day – they might even groom you back!

With your horse clean and silky smooth and with freshly painted hooves you can step back and admire your hard work and dedication. That feeling of satisfaction will be better than any present!

5. Mucking out, the job of love!

It’s not glamorous and it doesn’t smell great but deep down we do love it really!

Make sure you’re up early on Valentine’s Day to get down and get the job done. We can’t promise that your horse will keep their stable clean (although may be just this one time…) but think how happy you’ll feel once the bed looks perfect – and, of course, the quicker we get the job done, the longer we can spend on some quality time with our favourite horses!