Are you up to date with the new Body Protector Standards?

Are you planning to go to any competitions or events this year? Read below to make sure your body protector complies with the new rules for 2024.

Racesafe Motion3 Body Protector

What's changing?

Firstly, to be clear, there are NO NEW standards for 2024.

BUT – what’s changing is that any body protectors with the BETA 2009 standard will no longer be accepted by the vast majority of disciplines or at most competitions/events anymore.

SO – if your body protector has a BETA 2018 label on it you’ll be able to use it (although, of course, it’s always worth checking it regularly to see whether it’s still fit for purpose).

For the vast majority of people you will need to make sure your label looks like the one below.  This is the BETA Level 3 and is considered appropriate for general riding and competitions. 

BETA level 3 2018 labe

I don't compete... can I still wear my 2009 body protector?

Yes you can – but, just be aware that your garment will be at least 5 years old.  This is normally the maximum length of time we’d suggest you keep your body protector for to ensure a good level of protection.

If you’re still using a 2009 body protector it’d be worth thinking about getting a new one sooner rather than later.

Would you like more information about body protectors?

Click on our link to find out more about body protectors, how to look after then and when they need replacing >>>. 


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Check out our handy video below for tips on seeing if your body protector still fits!


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