Read our simple guide to quick suspension set up.

Want to know a little more about recommended suspension setup? We’ve tried to simplify things and created a quick bike suspension guide to assist with the most common tuneable properties on suspension forks and shocks. Enjoy a quick set up then get out and ride!

Bike Suspension Guide

One of the biggest misconceptions about suspension components and systems is that they’re difficult to set up properly.

The primary function of front & rear suspension on a mountain bike is to increase rider control. Your tyres and the pressures you run them at will take you so far – but a correct set-up and serviced suspension system will vastly improve your available traction.

It’s more important to have a suspension system that delivers ride qualities such as predictability, stability, traction, and feel. But comfort doesn’t necessarily trump those things – a common misconception.

Having the ability to tune your system remotely on the fly, allows the rider to select a suitable setting for that particular moment in the ride. Having such functionality greatly enhances both rider control and comfort. The majority of fork and shock models available arrive from the factory very well-tuned, offering a certain range of adjustment variables. This ensures that the rider cannot stray too far away from optimum suspension performance.

Manufacturers will supply information online or in manuals supplied with the component or new bike. We’re always happy to share our knowledge with customers looking for a little assistance! For air systems, recommended pressures are often displayed on the component!

The other common misconception is that they are totally maintenance-free.
A suspension fork and rear shock will require routine servicing to ensure that they continue to run at their optimum performance.
For the best experience – we recommend forks are serviced annually or after 100 hours of riding. We recommend rear shocks be serviced every 6 months or after 50 hours of riding. (Figures are quoted in alignment with manufacturer guidelines.)
In May, we launched our fork & shock servicing program ‘CR Tech’. Our workshops now have the capability to service forks and shocks house, for a highly competitive rate. We continue to offer our longstanding pivot bearing services and replacement service.