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Cycle to Work – Vivup Vouchers

Cycle to Work Vivup vouchers are accepted in Cycles UK stores and online. Vivup cycle scheme is run by SME HCI. SME HCI operate a range of employee benefits on behalf of NHS trusts and other organisations. 

Vivup’s website will push you towards using Evans. Although Vivup cycle to work scheme is accepted at lots of bike shops including Cycles UK. At Cycles UK you can use the Vivup Cycle to Work scheme on bikes from the world’s best brands including Trek, Specialized, Whyte, Cannondale, GT and Raleigh. You can also select safety equipment including helmets, lights and locks to go with your bike.

There are no extra fees or top-up payments to pay with Vivup.

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How to pay with a Vivup Cycle to Work Voucher

With Vivup you need to start by getting a quote for the bike that you want. You can do this by visiting your local Cycles UK shop or by sending an email to Enter your quote onto the Vivup website so that your employer can approve it. 

When your quote has been approved Vivup/SME HCI will issue you with a purchase order. This will list the exact bike you want and the store you are going to get it from. Just bring that back to us with your ID and we can release your bike to you. If you are getting the bike delivered then just email the purchase order to us.

The Vivup process involves getting a quote first. So we will normally check the stock and reserve a bike for you fairly early on. That way you can collect it as soon as you have your voucher. 

If you have any questions about using the Vivup cycle to work scheme just give us a call on 01268 745556 or email