Acquiring customers can be costly. It can also be tricky. Not only are you dealing with the expense of acquisition, but customers can be fickle too. If they can get hold of an item cheaper, they’re happy to shop elsewhere.

To combat this, many retailers offer discounts at the till. In certain situations, this can secure a purchase, but there’s no guarantee the customer will come back in the future.

Data suggests that around 60% – six out of 10 – of the shoppers you sell to won’t see discounting as a reason to return to your store. So, in reality, hard discounting returns no long-term benefits to you. Instead, it eats into your profits.

Shoppers who repeat purchase from you are your ideal customers. With this in mind, it’s always good to have an ace up your sleeve. In this case, it’s Cloud POS Loyalty.

Developed for independent retailers, Cloud POS Loyalty reduces the prospect of ‘one time only’ customers. It provides an incentive for them to shop with you again so you make more sales and more profits.

Cloud POS Loyalty offers shoppers money off every purchase they make after they first buy from you. It’s a great way to thank repeat customers and a clever way to grow your business.

It works in-store and online and you’re in charge of setting how much money off you give. You can even choose how long the offer lasts for.

It’s a win, win situation. The customer gets a good deal and you get to build a loyal customer base.

Cloud POS Loyalty is easy to set up, boosts revenues and helps reduce end-of-season discounting. Get in touch to find out more.

Cloud POS Loyalty is well worth it. The cost of acquisition of a new customer is high anyway, so if you’ve already got a customer and you give them 5% off their next purchase, it’s actually quite cheap acquisition.

Tom Bowden – Owner, Working Class Heroes