Having a great looking website is, of course, helpful, but the real value lies in the information that’s on it. Detailed product descriptions, images and tech specs on your site turns a search into a sale.

When shoppers can see all the information about an item straight away, it’s far easier to make a purchase. Put simply, if the info is in front of customers, there’s less chance of them bouncing off your site to look elsewhere. There’s also less chance of an item being sent back because it turned out to be unsuitable.

Historically, adding product information to your site has been labour intensive. There’s the research, which takes time – lots of time. Then there’s the task of actually getting all that research on the website. It’s so important, some retailers specifically employ someone to do it. This results in the expense of an extra wage or one less body on the shop floor to help customers.

Cloud POS Supplier Integration takes the hassle out of keeping your website updated. It automates the process of getting product information on your ecommerce site, removing the need to enter the data by hand.

Tech specs, images, short descriptions, long descriptions, sizes, colours are added to your ecommerce site when you book stock in. That’s it; simple, eh? The data’s configured so products can be found easily when searched and they’re online as soon as stock hits the shop floor.

The benefit of Cloud POS Supplier Integration is twofold. First, you, or your staff, spend less hours (or days) slaving over the website. Second, your customers get a great online shopping experience that helps drive sales.

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