CeramicSpeed are proud to release a brand-new 3D-printed Titanium Nitride OSPW.

In 2017 CeramicSpeed introduced their 3D printed hollow Titanium Oversized Pulley Wheels. They were the result of an in-depth study on material application conducted in collaboration with leading experts on material use.

Through multiple iterations and a persistent trial-and-error approach, the team at CeramicSpeed was able to draw advantage of the latest technologies to create an innovative state- of-the-art product that displayed twice the durability of machine titanium – and at least twice the beauty as well.

Now, as a testament to their relentless desire to push the level in terms of working with new technologies and materials, they’ve successfully made their best-in-class product even better.

CeramicSpeed’s latest pioneering effort in the land of pulley wheels has seen them utilise a coating application renowned in manufacturing and construction industries for its extreme durability: Titanium Nitride.

This Ti-Nitride coating gets applied to the 3D printed pulley wheels via the physical vaporization deposition method which ultimately further enhances their already incredible durability, and leaves them covered in a deep, organic golden hue. These Titanium Nitride OSPW pulleys are an exclusive special edition manifestation of the truly best CeramicSpeed has to offer.

CeramicSpeed launch 3D Printed Titanium Nitride OSPW


  • Extreme long life & durability
  • Lifetime warranty on system cage
  • Unique titanium nitride surface finish provides a deep golden colour while enhancing durability and lifetime
  • Hand built CeramicSpeed Bearings installed in each pulley
CeramicSpeed release 3D Titanium Nitride OSPW

Technical Specifications

Pulley Wheel Material
3D printed titanium

Cage Material
Carbon reinforced PA

Bearing options
CeramicSpeed Coated bearings

CeramicSpeed Grease/Oil
Pulley Oil (standard)

Spring Tension Settings
2-4 spring tension settings

11 and 12 speed options


• Shimano 9100/8000
• Shimano 9250/8150
• SRAM AXS Red/Force Alternative
• SRAM Rival AXS Alternative
• Campagnolo 11s
• Campagnolo 12s EPS

Road or Gravel/Cross

For more information, contact our Sales team at sales@windwave.co.uk. See more from CeramicSpeed here.

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