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Why you cycle: To get outside, make myself fitter and to safeguard my mental health.

What you love most about cycling: The challenges and freedom cycling has offered me. From the moment I got into cycling a couple of years back I have set myself targets to chase. I love the sense of incrementally improving my ability on the bike – cycling has helped me a lot with my own self esteem.

What you would like to achieve on the peddles before the end of the year: Completing the Chase The Sun South race at the end of June – 200 miles In a race against the sun setting!

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I’ve always loved riding my bike. It gets me outside and allows to free my mind from the daily grind. There’s no place I’d rather be.

This year I’ve just ridden my first gravel event and now looking to enter more. I’m planning some new UK bikepacking adventures and also taking a long break in the summer riding in the Pyrenees with my wife Krista.

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I cycle for all sorts of reasons, but the main ones are – to save the planet, to see new places, and to ride fast 👀
I just love bikes – whether you’re a racer, gravel rider, commuter, or one of those that like mud, we all share a love of those two wheeled bits of metal (/carbon). I absolutely love building new bikes – I have built 5 so far, and I wish I could do it more.
My main goals for this year were competing at European and World Champs, so for the rest of the year I want to ride with friends (preferably in the lakes) and maybe set a new 10 mile TT PB

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Hey there my name is leanne, I ride bikes because it gives me a sense of adventure and exploration. Things I love the most about biking is that It is a great form of exercise and most of all a fun way to explore the outdoors. I find it to be a very relaxing and enjoyable activity, and it is something that I look forward to doing whenever I have the opportunity. One of the things that I love most about cycling is the sense of freedom that it gives me.

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Paul Reay. I cycle because now hitting the grand young age of 40,  its the only sport that my knees can now tolerate after almost 32 years of middle/long distance running being my primary sport. I love that I can go out and smash 100km and not wake up in the morning like I’ve been hit by a bus. I love the freedom of the roads, the tranquility of riding in the countryside aswell as being part of a team again and having some general fun banter here and there trying to beat one another’s segments on strava to see who has the biggest ‘kahoonas’. I would like to maintain some consistency this year by logging an average of 100 miles per week as well as competing in some crit race events, time trials, sportives and audax’s!

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Leighton Bainbridge (Why I Cycle)  I love the sense of freedom the bike brings and the places I’m able to visit with leg power. It’s easy to miss just what’s on our doorsteps when in the car. The bike just brings to the table that little bit of magic. Not to mention it’s the best stress reliever, I work from home at a computer when not at weddings, so being able to release a little tension is a must for me, and the bike fits perfectly.  Being a photographer the two just blend absolutely amazingly and with a love for the two, that’s how I started my insta & blog.   This year I had some plans in mind but I’ve been struggling to get motivated on the bike due to getting hit twice by vehicles in a 12 month period. So my plans now are to fall back in love with the bike and overcome riding roads again. With rides planned in the Lake District in summer and Portugal in November.

Rebecca Whitfield

Why I ride:

People don’t believe me when I say that I couldn’t ride a bike until lockdown. After struggling to operate the gears on a borrowed ’shed bike’ I turned my frustration into determination and started with the basics. Three years (and a lot of Zwift) later, I’m obsessed… in the best way. Cycling has helped me to form new friendships, see new places and most importantly, boosted my overall wellbeing. My ultimate goal is to help more women to get into the sport, and have fun on the way. I’m all about the content… not QOM’s.


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