<![CDATA[Winter is fast approaching which can only mean one thing, its time to go shooting! We are raring and ready to go at Forelock & Load with a large selection of new shotguns and rifles, as well as some second hand firearms prepared for our favourite time of the year.

Our gun supply is high with many different style Shotguns and Rifles in, including London & Birmingham shotguns. We have had a huge drop of Fiocchi cartridges into us including top clay cartridges such as Top Ones, F Blu and F Black cartridges. These are the most popular Fiocchi cartridges we supply and we will be having another delivery next week to keep us topped up.

Cartridge prices have dropped in store this week, due to us bringing more starter shotguns and packages into the shop and wanting to encourage more young people to try shooting and get involved! By dropping the prices of our cartridges we are aiming to open the shooting opportunity to local young people, enabling them to get involved and allow shooting to be an affordable sport and enjoyment that people can try.

On the 28th October we are supporting the “Young Shots Game Shooting Day” at Heveningham Hall organised by Anglia Sporting with BASC supporting the event. The aim of the event is to allow the younger market to come and have fun for the day and  try their hand at shooting in a safe and controlled environment with experts there to help. The cost of the day is £100 which gives you a gun and a 60 bird day. Plenty of action to get your shooting practice in and well worth the price.

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We are hoping by working together with BASC and making our prices more affordable that we will be inspiring the younger generations to try their hand at shooting and get involved in the sport. Our starter shotguns are perfect to give people a safe and sensible introduction to shooting and our shooting manager Ben will be on hand over the weekend to advise you what would be best to use for your shooting.

If you ever have questions or need advice then please do just give us a call, Nick or Ben will be more than happy to run through any queries you may have and can help to get you started with your shooting! This is the perfect time of year to slowly ease into the sport before the Winter really kicks in and shooting is in full swing. We are thrilled to offer the young community an opportunity that we feel should be available to everyone!

If you would like to check our cartridge prices just click here for a full list of stock & prices! Any questions don’t hesitate to contact us!]]>