Following the FEI recent amended rules and the changes they have brought in for bitting we have produced this guide to assist our clients. This is for all the people who are not competing FEI.

Panic not, is our first statement. BD updated their rules in June and you are all currently fine until the next rule change in December. We also need to remember that British Dressage doesn’t always follow FEI word for word and making assumptions would be churlish.

Secondly, everyone competing in a Bombers DC Dressage, Cable Snaffle, Swivel Weymouth or Ported Barrel Weymouth you are ok (for now).

If the rule changes come in and the above mentioned bits are no longer permitted, please do think of your horse first. If your horse is really comfortable in their current bit/bits, keep them happy, settled and relaxed in them for training and lessons. We are more than happy to help advise on a permitted set up that will be as akin to the original as possible. Don’t forget that we also offer a hire period for the bits we recommend.

We also recommend that you always check with your governing body for any saddlery/bitting items you’re not 100% confident on.

The following slides are from the updated rules from British Dressage July 2022.

Please do comment below if you have any queries.