Nic from the fabulous Diamonds in the Rough Dressage (and human behind Rooni) needed a new riding hat. She had a beautiful hat already but it just didn’t fit quite as comfortably as she wanted. So we organised for her to pop over for a visit when we both had some down time! We had ages to do the fitting and then went through a heap of designs on the configurator taking into account Nic’s budget and the style combinations that she liked. Nic, has very kindly written the review below for her Miss Shield riding hat.

“I have struggled with hats during much of the 31 years I’ve ridden for. Primarily my issue is pressure related headaches (which inevitably turn into migraines) are not much fun, and can write me off for days. Less than ideal when you work full time and love to ride!

I take quite a small size, so in some brands I’ve ended up a frustrating in between size. Too tight = headache. Too loose = more than a little pointless. Also, I need a round shape and some brands have left me with a gap at the crown which isn’t good.

I mentioned to Kirstie that I was looking to update my riding wardrobe; I was unaware that there was a Samshield small shell now available, which was likely to suit my head more and not leave me looking like a Lego movie extra!

So we duly arranged a visit and trying on session. The small shell was absolutely perfect – I had zero movement with even and completely bearable pressure. The real fun began with the configurator.

Endless variations of designs and sound advice from Kirstie, I settled on a beautiful Miss Shield in matte black with black crystal fabric. The dressage harness was included too so the whole process was completely to my specification.

Nic and her gorgeous dressage horse Rooni showcasing her Miss Shield.

I didn’t have to wait long before my new hat arrived… It’s perfect and so incredibly comfortable!

I get plenty of comments about the design and cannot wait to add another to my collection.”

Thank you Nic for your review and we are thoroughly enjoying seeing your new Miss Shield out whilst you’re competing and training at home.