Stubben Freedom Bridle Hire.

Many of your know that Forelock and Load are huge advocates for horse comfort. This in turn leads to better horsemanship and a happier horse and rider. Stubben have recently launched the new Freedom Bridle II, which is more refined through the cheeks and they have taken on board the feedback from their customers and riders, to get a seriously effective anatomical bridle. One of the things we love most about offering a hire service on many of the innovative products we stock, is that we also get to see, all of your horses and ponies. We also feel it is really important to see what we offer, on all different types of horses and ponies.

Stubben Freedom Bridle Customer Feedback.

Angela recently hired the Stubben Freedom Bridle for her gorgeous Fjord mare Annie. She has very kindly allowed us to use her photos and feedback which we hope you will find really useful.

Fjord Annie in the Stubben Freedom Bridle.

The fit of the Stubben Freedom Bridle is important to get right, so you can achieve the maximum out of it. You can see from the photo above, just how well it fits Annie, allowing plenty of room for her ears and how far away it sits from her eye.

Angela has received many comments from fellow riders and friends about the bridle.
“It is interesting as I have had lots of comments about the bridle, as yes it is very different looking to the conventional and may I say ‘bling’ type bridles. I solely wanted to try it because of the concept of comfort for Annie.”

Angela’s last statement about looking for comfort for her horse, is the reason the majority of our customers will come to us, to hire the Stubben Freedom bridle. Through our hire service, we can help with the fitting and you get to trial and see if the bridle will make a difference to your horse or pony.

Angela continued. “Many people have said ‘oh it suits Annie but it won’t suit mine’ but this is where hopefully we can change this stereotype and hopefully in turn make horses more comfortable.”

Angela and Annie.

To give you an example, the photo below of event rider David Britnell and his gorgeous horse Continuity, is a great example of how good the bridle looks on a different type/breed to Annie. This is David and Brad, having just completed a super dressage test at the 5* Burghley International Horse Trials.

5* Event Rider and Continuity in the Stubben Freedom Bridle at Burghley Horse Trials.

We are sure you will agree, that the bridle looks aesthetically pleasing on Brad’s head.

We have many customers who have hired and then purchased the Stubben Freedom Bridle, from those who like to hack, all rounders, GP dressage horses and 5* event riders. We really feel the proof is in the pudding! Angela very kindly finished with the best feedback we could wish for. “I did promise to send some photos of Annie in her Stubben Freedom Bridle, we both love it!”.

The main reasons for looking at the Stubben Freedom Bridle are

  • Increasing horse or pony comfort
  • Reducing pressure on the poll
  • Allowing a greater field of vision
  • Giving more space for the horse’s ears
  • It can help head shaking

For more information on our hire service terms, please have a look here.

Angela used our hire service and was really appreciative for all the advice we gave her along the way. Especially when it came to the fitting of the bridle and making use of our You Tube tutorial and contacting us by email and telephone.

We look forward to hearing your thoughts!