The launch of the Stubben Freedom Bridle II.

Stubben Freedom II Bridle.

The bridle we have been waiting for, is finally here! Stubben really pioneered the anatomical bridle about a decade ago, when they launched the Freedom Bridle. Many people were put off by the “look” being unconventional and against traditional bridle standards. This is actually what got us interested in the bridle! We looked beyond the ¬†aesthetics and wanted to know how and why this can really help some horses.

Forelock and Load as a team, have always been really interested in innovation and enriching our knowledge of horse welfare and comfort. The Freedom Bridle II is just that!

What has changed?

  • The design team at Stubben have shortened and streamlined the cheeks, to provide even more relief to the TMJ and greater field of vision for your horse.
  • Full movement for the ears, the headpiece and browband do not cross any of the 16 ear muscles.
  • Across the poll is raised and totally alleviates any poll pressure. This bridle has been exceptional for poll sensitive horses.
  • The Freedom Bridle II greatly reduces pressure on the neuralgic areas of the horse’s head, avoiding the main facial nerves, ear muscles and throat.
  • The noseband is slightly wider, with more padding to provide even greater comfort across the nose. The padding to the back of the noseband makes sure that it cannot be over tightened and remains comfortable for the horse.
  • The fastenings have been changed to neat buckles on the cheek and noseband.
  • Stubben Slide and Lock system has been introduced to the cheekpiece to bit fastening. This design has been brought across from the Western world. Whilst offering a very secure and streamlined finish, it also allows you to change the bit quicker and easier than other styles.

Forelock and Load have been really successful with hiring and assisting customers with the fit of the Freedom Bridle remotely and in store. You can hire the new Freedom Bridle II and we will guide you through fitting it, or you can buy a new one here.

What do you think about the new design and have you been tempted to try the Freedom Bridle?