Saddle sores:      
Common cycling issues; If you have ever suffered from these little rascals, you will know they are not fun and usually result in having some forced time away from the bike or suffering in silence (some of us screaming at the top of our lungs with every pedal stroke).

The first thing that pops into most people’s minds is that something with the bike is wrong and instantly resort to going out and buying new equipment. At the top of this list is normally a saddle and, whilst an aging saddle can begin to show signs of wear in the padding or excessive flex under load, saddle sores are generally caused by how you interface with the saddle.

Ones is a bike being symmetrical and humans distinctly not; a leg length discrepancy, incorrect saddle height, cleat positioning, excessive bar reach, and height can all contribute to how we sit on the bike. Any slight twisting, rocking, or left/ right imbalances can all contribute to the potential cause of a saddle sore. 

Part of our 5 step fit process to fix common cycling issues is to look at you as an individual, assessing any imbalances and constraints before you even step on our fully adjustable Retül Müve fit bike.
Once on the bike, you are fitted with several infrared sensors allowing us to validate any adjustments made to your position whilst limiting any factors that could potentially cause any discomfort. Saddle selection, saddle height and set back, bar reach and height along with cleat positioning are all addressed putting you in your best position for hours of enjoyable riding.

Courtesy of J. Futcher
Evolution Store Colchester.

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