What do you dream of?
A streamlined steed that munches more miles with every pump of your legs?
A rugged mount ready to take on any surface that you choose to throw it at?
Does your current bike not quite cut it?
Is your current setup forcing you to compromise on your passion?
You don’t have to: Build the bike of your dreams.

You don’t have to accept an “off-the-rack” bike. You can be different, and build your bike any way you want it. If you couple this with an expert bike fit you can create the ultimate ride. 

This is where we start: pick from a huge range of choices from the biggest brands in the world, we will get the size right and if you want something extra special, we can also take you through the custom paint options with Trek Project One.

Building your dream
P1 Madone Road Bike
The Goals

First, we ask one of the most important questions: 
What are your goals and aspirations for this build?
To race?
To ride sportives?
To be the best technical off-road descender?
To be the fastest XC Racer?
Or are you riding just for  fun
Whether you come into the store settled on what you want or you have no idea at all: Our team of highly experienced staff, who are also riders, will guide you in the right direction, making sure that you leave with the right equipment to suit your needs.

The Components

Next we look at the main parts of the bike:
Do you want aero wheels, climbing wheels, or a balance of speed and weight?
Do you want electric or mechanical gears? Is  Sram Etap  the best choice for your build? 
What size chain-rings, what size crank length and what range of cassette do you require? 
Do you want a power meter installed to work  seamlessly  with the bike and gearing choice? 
Do you want to make your bike as  smooth  as possible? You could choose the Ceramic BB and Jockey wheels from C-bear to really make it special. 
How about Tyres? Are you looking for longevity with GP4000’s or do you want speed and feel with the S-works Cotton Tan wall tires? 

The Build

Once these parts are decided we can then move on to the next part: 
Because we have your  fit measurements, we can tell you the length of stem you require and at what degree of rise, what saddle width you require, the handlebar width you need and the handlebar reach, the pedal style you need to choose to match your foot position, what angle you need your shifters and bars at, your cleat positioning and so much more! 
We can then  adjust  your saddle height, your handlebar stack height, and adjust your seat for and aft. 
Once you have chosen the components, we can then build your bike for you and have it ready as soon as you want it.

When you first sit on your custom bike you’ll feel the difference.
You’ll feel like you’ve finally reached the perfect synergy with your bike now that it’s been purpose-built for you and you alone.

Build your dream. Ride your dream.