Indoor training used to be considered a necessary evil. Allowing riders to train specifically to a program or who were short of time or both. But it was considered dull. Turbo trainers evolved into smart trainers and the interactive software now lets you race your mates or other riders on specifically designed courses. Various platforms when linked to a smart trainer will even mimic the terrain, increasing the resistance to simulate riding uphill or the opposite when descending.

Now imagine, you are mid-session, and your connection drops out. During a tough workout, you drop your water bottle. These problems and others, whilst not catastrophic, are infuriating and could mean you miss out on that PB. Wahoo has decided to act.  

The new Wahoo KICKR with Wifi and KICKR Bike with Wifi have additional features to ensure your training is less likely to be disrupted again. New features on these two models include Wi-Fi, ERG Easy Ramp, Odometer and DIRCON (BIKE v2).

Solutions with Wifi: 

  • Wifi provides a significant range and stability increase vs. BT/Ant+ 
  • Data transfer speeds up to 65% faster vs. standard BT/ANT+ transfer speeds 
  • ERG ramp allows you to get off the bike and back on with a smooth transition to high wattage levels (Grab a dropped bottle, answer the door, plug your laptop in etc) 
  • Automatic firmware updates (Always ready to go with the latest release) 
  • Wifi connectivity resolves Android BT/ANT+ connectivity issues 
  • Odometer feature – track lifetime trainer usage statistics 

Wahoo KICKR Bike with Wifi

If you want to take your setup to the next level, then you could add the KICKR desk and Headwind. The desk is adjustable with built-in stands for your tech. The Headwind can be controlled manually, paired to your phone, to your HR monitor or to your smart trainer for a targeted stream of cooling air.  

Wahoo KICKR with Wifi

If you prefer to use your own bike but want the technological benefits of a smart trainer that will give you that ‘real feel’ then the new Wahoo KICKR will tick those boxes. Offering Wifi connectivity and ERG Easy Ramp, your session will run smoothly so you can focus on your efforts.  

Both platforms are compatible with Wahoo’s own training apps and other apps that are available with the correct software. The KICKR can simulate inclines up to 20% and up to 10% on the descents for an unrivalled training experience.  


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