Specialized have a new addition to their Turbo MTB family, say hello to the totally new Kenevo SL.

Designed by trail riders for trail riders. For Enduro lovers it’s all about having the power to climb, more zip when needed, more drops, more jumps, more stoke but with less weight.

By merging the renowned handling and suspension of the Enduro with the Turbo Super Light motor, Specialized has produced the ultimate combination: lightweight, responsive handling with big mountain capability.

Their mantra for the new Kenevo SL is, ‘weigh less, way more.’

So how did they redefine all-mountain performance?

Weighing in at a few pounds more than the acoustic Enduro but an impressive 12 pounds less than the Full Power Kenevo, the SL has a lot to offer. The handling is more intuitive, the manoeuvrability unrivalled.

The weight loss has been helped by a full monocoque FACT 11m carbon frame but this hasn’t affected the strength of the frame. Specialized’s integrated design has centred the mass of the motor and battery so you’ll barely notice it.

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Now for the power boost. In fact, we’re talking 240 watts of peak power and 35Nm of torque to light up your ride. What may have been a struggle before, will simply be overcome.

The innovation doesn’t stop there. A redefined six-bar suspension design produces 170mm of precisely controlled Rx tuned travel, adjustable geometry, FACT 11m carbon fibre chassis and a motor that interfaces with the bike and rider seamlessly. The power feels natural like it’s come from the rider directly.

They set out to develop a bike that would appeal to all-mountain purists, whether you’re an e-MTB convert or not. If you like to feel connected to the trail, the Kenevo SL really delivers.

If you’re not sure about sizing:

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