If you are riding over the winter months, you will notice a significant difference in your summer miles. I am not referring to the extra daylight hours or the warmth on your back but the extra grime, dirt and detritus that collects on your bike. If you are not careful, it will begin to omit strange, worrying noises, generally voicing its displeasure.  

There will be times over the darker months when it will feel you are cleaning or maintaining your bike more than riding it. Whilst this might be the case, it will be time well spent. A clean, quiet, smooth-running chain will make your rides more enjoyable. Allowing maximum head space and enjoyment. 

With almost 30 years in the business of making bike cleaning a rewarding and positive experience, Muc-Off knows a thing or two about keeping your stead shiny and like new. Their range covers off, keeping your bike shiny, running smoothly and quietly, and making that process enjoyable. Coupled with their approach to sustainability you have what would normally be a chore become a job to look forward to. They are not the only brand, but their products are noticeable for their funky packaging and brightly coloured contents. 

To clean your bike, you’ll need a few products to make the process easier and more effective. A clean bike runs more smoothly and is quieter, it also helps to prolong its life of it, meaning you will get more enjoyment out of it for longer. No one wants to be replacing parts that can be avoided. 

Cleaning the drivetrain 

Keeping your chain clean means a smooth and quiet drivetrain

Using the chain cleaner, spray the chain, cassette and derailleurs and leave for a short while. To clean the components thoroughly you can use the claw brush to get in-between the cogs and links. After you have removed the grime, rinse well to remove all the formula. 

Once you have cleaned and dried the chain, you can then use their comprehensive range of lubes to keep matters smooth. They have several lubes, depending on where you ride you can make a choice to suit your needs.

Cleaning all other parts of your bike 

Cleaning your disc brakes will make them work well and stop them squealing

Start by giving your bike a rinse off with water to help loosen up the dirt then spray the Muc-Off bike cleaner over the bike. Let this soak for a few minutes, then use a brush or sponge to assist the removal of the more resistant dirt. Once you are happy that the bike is grime-free, rinse it off but be careful not to soak delicate areas such as your bearings. 

If your bike is equipped with disc brakes then you can use disc brake cleaner to remove the oil, grease, or grime. This includes your rotors and pads. 


Protecting your bike can prolong your enjoyment

The Muc-Off Bike Protect can be sprayed over your entire bike frame and your chain and cassette. The Bike Protect helps to remove the moisture and leaves a non-sticky protective coating.  

Now you can get out and enjoy the roads, trails or where ever your riding takes you.


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