The evenings are slowly drawing in, and if you want to continue cycling through autumn and after the clocks change, then it’s time to start thinking about investing in a good set of lights.

With a wide range of options available at varying price points, we’re here to help you narrow down your choices with some top recommendations that will enhance your visibility and safety.

Some of the below lights will help you see, and some of them will help you be seen as the light fades.

Cateye Ampp 200 / Viz 100 Bike Light Set

Riding in urban zones and want to make sure you can be seen at all times once the light fades? This Cateye Ampp 200 / Viz 100 bike light set will help you be safe, and be seen.

The Cateye AMPP 200 is a 200 lumen bicycle front light that will give you a bit of extra assistance to see the road ahead, as well as alerting other road users to your presence. It also works perfectly as a daytime safety light, or as a backup for longer journeys. It has 3 modes (High/Low/Flashing), excellent side visibility and is USB rechargeable. You can expect the Cateye AMPP 200 to run for around 1.5 hours approximately in high mode, and up to 13 hours in low.

The Cateye Viz 100 rear bicycle light offers 100 lumens via 3 LED’s. It features a focused lens that promises 300 degree visibility from the side to further increase your safety. The Viz 100 has 4 modes – Constant / Flashing / Group Ride / Daytime Hyperflash. The new seat post bracket SP-15 will fit contemporary Kammtail aero seatposts if desired.

In constant mode, this light will run for approximately 5 hours. And in flashing up to 70!

Both lights are IPX4 water resistant.

Lezyne LED Femto Drive Bike Light Set

The Lezyne LED Femto Drive Light Set is compact safety light set that is perfect for urban use and will allow you to be seen by other road users. If you’re looking to add visibility then this light set is an ideal addition to your kit box.

The front light offers 15 lumens, and the rear 5 lumens – both of which help you be seen in daylight. Both offer 5 output modes and are easily rechargeable via the included micro USB cable. They’re also IPX7 rated, making them fully waterproof.

Overall the Lezyne LED Femto bicycle light set is a great, inexpensive way to add visibility to your daily journeys.

Lezyne Fusion Drive 500+ Front Bike Light

If you’re cycling in less brightly lit areas, then you’re going to need a light that helps you see the road ahead.

The Lezyne Fusion Drive 500+ provides a maximum of 500 lumens and 6 different power output modes depending on when/where you’re using the light, making it a diverse bit of kit. Using in its maximum output mode (Blast Mode – 500 Lumens), this bike light will last approximately 1 hour 45 minutes. Using in the lowest power mode as a daylight safety light (at 20 Lumens in Femto mode) it can last up to 30 hours!

This light is constructed from sturdy CNC machined aluminium with cooling fins that efficiently dissipate heat and the optical design enhances the light dispersion.

This light charges via USB-C and is IPX7 rated so fully waterproof and ready for any adventure.

Lezyne KTV Drive Pro+ Rear Bike Light

The Lezyne KTV Drive Pro+ Rear Light is the perfect accompaniment to the Fusion Drive 500+. It’s a compact, aero seatpost compatible rear bicycle light that provides up to 150 lumens across 6 different output modes.

This light can run for up to 20 hours and features a bright daytime flash mode that will ensure you’re seen throughout the day as well as at night.

The KTV Drive Pro+ uses Lezyne’s Wide-Angle Optics lens, which provides 270 degrees of visibility, as well as being thoroughly tested to IPX7 waterproofing standards.

Trek Commuter Pro RT Front Bike Light

If your riding involves dipping into off road routes, then the Trek Commuter Pro RT Front Bike Light could be perfect for you. With 1000 lumens at your disposal, it is more than capable of tackling some off-road riding.

Trek’s “Kindbeam” feature keeps more light on the trail ahead of you, while avoiding oncoming riders eyes.

Another great feature of this light is that you can wirelessly connect with the Bontrager Flare RT Rear light for a single-button power-up for both lights. The “Fuel Guage” on the top of the Commuter Pro RT clearly shows available battery life of both itself and the paired light.

Running low on battery on your phone or cycling computer? The Trek Commuter Pro RT can connect to your phone via USB-C, allowing you to recharge your mobile device using some of the battery from the light!

It’s also compatible with Bontrager’s Blendr Low Commuter Light Mount, which allows you to mount the light under the stem – ideal if you’re also using a computer on your bars.

The Trek Commuter Pro RT Front Bike Light is IPX4 waterproof rated.

Bontrager Flare RT Rear Bike Light

As mentioned above when discussing the Trek Commuter Pro RT front bike light, the Bontrager Flare RT Rear Bike Light can be paired wirelessly allowing a single button to turn on both lights. You’ll also be able to monitor the battery life of the Flare RT via the Commuter Pro RT’s “Fuel Guage”.

This rear light has been specifically designed for the ultimate in daytime visibility and the interruptive flash pattern produces up to 90 lumens that are sure to catch the eye of other road users. It’s distinctive flash, focus and range allow the Flare RT to be seen from 2kms away!

A handy battery save mode provides an additional 30 minutes of runtime when your battery life reaches 5%, helping you not get caught out in the dark.

Overall, if you’re looking for a compact, fully waterproof (IPX7) rear light you can’t go wrong with the Bontrager Flare RT.

We hope this helped shed some light (excuse the pun), on some of the best choices for your autumn/winter commutes. If you’re a bit stuck on some of the terminology and not sure which type of light is best for you then check out our “Cyclists Guide to Choosing Bike Lights” here.

If you’d like further assistance, please pop down to one of our 12 stores, or contact the support team who would be more than happy to help you find the right light for you.

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