Introducing Prevelo Bikes

Prevelo Bikes is finally making its long-awaited debut in the UK as we receive our first shipment here at Windwave HQ. With plenty of dealers already signed up to the Prevelo programme and awaiting their stock delivery, we thought we’d put together a recap of what makes Prevelo bikes special.

As the exclusive distributors for Prevelo Bikes in the UK, we’re likely to be a little biased. To balance that out, we’ve made our best effort to list out key third-party tests & reviews from the industry. This spans from the niche kids’ bikes blogs to the wider industry press – don’t just take our word for it.

Why choose Prevelo Bikes?

Award-winning design

First, let’s talk about Prevelo’s design ethos. Prevelo Bikes is a kid-only bike company, meaning designing the best bikes for kids is their sole purpose. It started with one single mission: making bikes that are as confidence-inspiring, easy, and fun to ride as physically possible.

Owner Jacob Rheuban got to work, designing Prevelo bikes from the ground up using direct feedback from his bike-loving children. Some of the key focus areas were weight, durability, and ease of use. As a result, Jacob designed the bike using top proprietary components that were lightweight, robust, and specifically designed for children.

Why choose Prevelo Bikes?

The geometry was also key to the design. One of the most common problems with kids’ bikes is stand over height, so Jacob made sure his bikes featured Prevelo’s signature low geometry. This means that the rider can feel safe knowing they are able to put a foot down whenever needed. It also means they feel more balanced and in control while riding.

This design was so successful that Prevelo’s signature low geometry and child centric design earned two Gold A’Design Awards from the International Design Academy.

The full spectrum – from 1 to 11 years old

Prevelo will follow your kids’ progression from the very start until they can transfer across to an adult sized bike.

Prevelo Bikes caters for children as young as 1.5yo with their 12-inch wheeled Balance Bike. The Alpha Zero is the perfect ride to help little ones learn balance before they jump on a pedal bike. It’s a robust little bike that is made of lightweight 6061 aluminium, and features kid-specific features such as Radius rear v-brakes with small reach brake levers and low profile rounded hex bolts on the hubs to avoid painful knocks on the legs.

Why choose Prevelo Bikes?

From there, the range features bikes with 14-inch wheels (for riders aged 3-5), 16-inch wheels (for riders aged 4-6), 20-inch wheels (for riders aged 5-9) and 24-inch wheels (for riders aged 7-11).

Prevelo split the range in two. The Alpha line focuses on urban riding and the Zulu line focuses on off-road mountain biking.

Great kid-specific components made to last

Prevelo carefully selected every component to provide the best riding experience for kids at excellent value. Features such as kid-sized hand brakes, internally routed cables, sealed bearings and quick adjust seat heights come as standard.

Why choose Prevelo Bikes?

Prevelo bikes are light and strong

The frames and forks are made of custom formed 6061 aluminium tubing. Prevelo bikes designed everything on the bike – this includes the tires, hubs, wheels, handlebars, stems, saddles, brakes, shifters and derailleurs – to be smooth, reliable and easy for kids to use.

In conjunction with the brand’s signature low geometry, the bikes feature proprietary crank arms and bottom bracket. These are optimised down to the millimetre to make sure the rider can pedal efficiently and comfortably. Prevelo bikes cranks also have ultra-narrow q-factors (the distance between the pedals). A narrow q-factor means that young legs don’t need to be splayed far apart to reach the pedals.

Built to last!

It’s no secret that kids beat their bikes up, and Prevelo bikes are built to take it.  From the over built dropouts to the thick welds, Prevelo bikes are built to take the beating that every kid’s bike deserves.

Not only that, but every Prevelo frame and rigid fork are also backed by Prevelo’s 5-year limited warranty. Ride it with confidence and pass it down!

New frame colours

One of the only negative feedback Prevelo received came down to the lack of variety in colours (having only released the silver version originally). However, this is now a thing of the past with this year’s range featuring two brand-new colourways: Blue and Purple!

The metallic effect on the paint job definitely adds an extra level of flair.

Raging reviews

Don’t take our word for it. Over the past few years, Prevelo Bikes have amassed many great reviews from both customers and industry.

The bikes were featured on Two Wheeling Tots, The Bike Dads, Rascal Rides, MTB with Kids, Kids Ride Bikes, Tales of a Mountain Mama, CX Magazine, Bike Radar, Bike Exchange and more…

Prevelo’s own website is filled with existing customer reviews as well. The company scores an impressive 4.9/5 with over 1,000 reviews on

Why choose Prevelo bikes
Prevelo’s latest release, which will hit UK shores early 2023.

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