Ever wanted to wear an eco-friendly helmet? Now you can… The sustainability aspect is often overlooked when it comes to product design in the cycling industry.

How many brands do you know of use recycled and/or recyclable materials in their range? And if they do, is it a special edition range or simply part of their core range?

One of the brands we started distributing in the UK last year puts the environment at the core of their product design strategy.

Urge helmets - sustainable cycling helmets

Urge Bike Products

Urge Bike Products have worked on reducing their environmental impact for a little while in fact. So much so that they’ve cut their CO2 emissions by 50% since 2011.

How did they do that? They started working with innovative materials, including recycled and/or sustainable ingredients, and increased their use of renewable power supplies. At the same time, they managed to reduce their use of fossil fuels and decreased their need for virgin plastic.

So, what does this mean in terms of product? Well, let’s take a closer look at what your Urge eco-friendly helmet is made of.

A closer look at Urge Helmet's take on sustainability

Eco-Friendly Helmet Composition

Hard Shell:

Water based paint
Re-grinded materials mix

In-mold Helmets:

UV inks
Recycled PVC
Water based paint


FSC colour box: forest managed in a way that preserve biological diversity
Organic inks for manuals
Biodegradable and compostable corn bags

Helmet Liner:

Recycled EPS

Non-Functional Plastic Parts:

100% recycled material
Ocean plastics


Recycled PET water bottles

Fit Pads:

Bamboo fibre
ECO nylon

Urge Bike Products - MTB Helmets
Urge Mountain Bike Helmets
Urge Bike Products - Full Face Helmets
Urge Full Face Helmets
Urge Bike Products - Urban Helmets
Urge Urban Helmets

Urge have managed to introduce so many environmental components to their range of eco-friendly helmets (all the while keeping price low and safety high) that it is now made up of 80% recycled materials.

Fancy yourself a slice of the sustainable helmet game? Head over to the Urge page to discover the range.

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