Introducing the Transition Relay

The Transition Relay is the materialisation of Transition’s goal to have an MTB and an e-bike in one single product. It is a bike that can provide both experiences without compromise. The frame allows for 160 and 170mm travel, is compatible with either 29er or mullet wheel setup, uses Transition’s renowned SBG geometry, and is equipped with the impressive Fazua Ride60 system.

Transition Relay

From the horse’s mouth

“We have been exploring the concept of two bikes in one for many years. It was the first idea that got us excited about creating an e-bike. The ability to have a lightweight powered bike with a removable battery was our ultimate dream. While there have been bikes with this capability in the past, this is our interpretation of the modular concept. The biggest challenge was doing justice to both options and not compromising either configuration. Achieving this ultimate goal was a long winding road that naturally intersected with the development of the Fazua Ride60 System” Transition.

Transition Relay

Fazua Ride60 Motor system

The Fazua Ride60 system is light in weight but not in power. It features a 430wh battery powering a highly efficient 60nm motor. This system punches way above its weight class, and can hang with higher powered e-bikes, while remaining many pounds lighter. The battery is easily and quickly removable via a tool free door, allowing you to go between mountain bike or e-bike mode in seconds.

It strikes the perfect balance of power and weight while remaining incredibly natural and intuitive to a normal riding experience. While the motor stays in the frame, it is as efficient as a normal drive train with very little added weight once the battery is removed.

A modular e-bike

The frame can be ridden at 160 or 170mm rear travel, dual 29″ or mixed wheel sizes, and with or without assistance from the Ride60 system. In an effort to make this bike as accessible as possible, it will come in both aluminium and carbon frame materials and available in 6 sizes ranging from extra small to double extra large.

Transition Relay

Transition sees the cost of entry to owning both a mountain bike and an e-bike as a major hinderance for many riders. With this, you can purchase one bike to ride on any trail, with any group or style you prefer. The options are nearly endless. Pull the battery out and go for a pedal lap on trails not open to e-bikes, or hop on the chairlift to get some laps in the bike park. Put the battery back in and sneak in a few hot laps after work, or get another day of riding in when your legs are spent.

The Transition Relay is a bike that can truly do both.

Tech specs

• Carbon and aluminum frame options
• 160 or 170mm of travel
• Fazua Ride 60 motor w/ 60 Nm torque
• 430 Wh battery
• 29″ wheels or 29″ front / 27.5″ rear
• Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL

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