Even though we all know mountain biking is a dangerous sport, only a minority of mountain bikers carry a First Aid kit when riding. Because safety is the responsibility of every mountain biker, SendHit has designed a first aid kit specifically adapted to the requirements of mountain bikers and to the most frequent trauma in mountain biking.

Multitool, pump, spare tube, tubeless plugs, chain quick links, tire levers… We carry a lot of stuff to fix our bike, but what about ourselves? Only 23% of the riders carry a First Aid kit*, which means that 77% of them may not be ready to help other riders (or themselves) when accidents occur. Being self-sufficient in these situations can be crucial.

Reasons are numerous and various: too confident, too heavy/bulky, useless when riding local trails, everyone has their excuse not to have one.

SendHit analyzed each objection to provide an appropriate response:

  • It’s light, only 100 gr
  • It’s compact (16x11x3 cm) and therefore fits most hip packs and back packs
  • It’s mud and water splash resistant
  • It’s focused on serious injury situations because we all know that mountain bikers don’t care about minor injuries. The First Aid kit provides first aid medical equipment and instructions to enable the injured person to wait for emergencies or to return home safely.
  • In the event of a serious accident, you can quickly panic. Since not everyone is trained for emergency situations and any attempt to provide first aid is better than no attempt, the information provided in the first aid kit guides the injured person or their friend(s) through the first steps to take.

The First Aid Kit supplies essential equipment and step-by-step instructions for dealing with the most common injuries and incidents on a ride. It contains a lot given its small size (see list below).

The pouch does not only serve as a container, but it also immediately delivers key information because the situation can involve quick and consequential decisions:

  • The first actions to take in the event of an accident
  • How to reach the emergency services and what to say
  • Distress signals

SendHit also added an emergency card that you can fill out with your key information so first responders and mountain search and rescue teams can provide the best treatment on site.

The pack also includes a manual with some basic pointers available in 5 languages (EN, FR, DE, ES, IT). It helps riders identify symptoms and provide initial treatment. It is not a substitute for first aid training but can help less qualified people in this type of situation.

The First Aid Kit will be available from October at the retail price of £27.95.

Kit content:

  • Wound dressing 6 x 10 cm
  • Non-adherent pad 7,5 x 10 cm
  • Non-adherent pad 5 x 7,5 cm
  • Conforming bandage
  • Wound closure strip
  • Antiseptic cleaning wipe
  • Alcohol Prep pad
  • PE tape
  • Vinyl gloves
  • Forceps
  • Scissors
  • Safety pins
  • Survival whistle
  • ID rescue card
  • First Aid advice available in 5 languages (ED, FR, DE, ES, IT)

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