Hutchinson Challenger – The new endurance tire from Hutchinson. Complete peace of mind, all year round.

The Hutchinson Challenger is a tire with no compromises, delivering exceptional performance in terms of longevity, comfort and safety. The tire uses a combination of a slightly thicker tread and high density fibre reinforcement technology to offer unrivalled puncture protection and an incredible lifespan that has been tested up to 8000km.

Hutchinson Challenger

All of this comes with hardly any weight penalty, a 25mm tire weighing in at just 255g, even lighter than the competition.

A new Hutchinson’s Bi-Compound rubber offers a harder compound in the centre of the tire designed to resist cuts and abrasion. This is matched with a softer lateral compound and grooved tread for superior grip when cornering on both wet and dry roads. A 66 TPI casing offers the perfect ratio of weight, protection and rolling resistance.

The Challenger is available as a tube type clincher tyre across three sizes. 25mm, 28mm and 30mm weighing 255g, 300g and 320g respectively. The 28mm version is available in both black and tan wall versions with the 25mm & 30mm available in black.

Hutchinson Challenger


A tubeless version of the Challenger is due to follow in 2023 and will utilise a brand new road tubeless technology being developed by Hutchinson.

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