Christmas is ALREADY just around the corner! If you’ve got a bike lover in your life, then you’ll be scratching your head as to what to get them this year… Fear not! We’ve got you covered. We’ve put together a comprehensive Christmas gift guide whether your cyclist is a roadie, mountain biker, commuter, or a little rider!


First and foremost. Some of you may already know which type of gifts your cyclist would love; nice one! Check out the shortcuts to some of our favourite Christmas gift ideas below…

Now if you’re newer to the game, then we can simplify things for you. Chances are you’ll be looking for gifts for a road cyclist (aka Roadie), mountain biker, commuter, or child.

In this Christmas gift guide, we’ve broken these down by price bracket below and have made a few top suggestions for each to get you started… Happy browsing!

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Roadies are notoriously picky when it comes to gifts, but our top picks are sure fire ways to make the road cyclist in your life happy. From performance bars and gels to super elegant bike racks, this Christmas Gift Guide has got the Roadie’s dreams sorted.

Granite Stash RCX

The Granite Stash RCX kit hides an 8-piece multi-tool inside the steerer tube, meaning you’re never left helpless on the side of the road. The multi-tool also features spoke keys with valve core remover tool, and only weighs 110g in total.

It’s a neat addition to your cockpit and the installation is quick and easy with no tapping of your steerer required.

High 5 Cycle Pack

If the cyclist in your life is starting to enjoy longer trips out, then why not gift them with a nutrition pack from High 5 Sports Nutrition? The Cycle Pack box comes packed with a range of Energy Gels, Bars, Drinks as well as a High 5 branded water bottle.

The perfect gift to keep energy levels up and beat yesterday’s time.

Cactus Tongue AIR Wall-Mounted Bike Hanger

Us roadies take huge pride in our bikes. They’re beautiful, elegant and designed with clean lines. Why not get them a bike rack that would complement these attributes perfectly?

The Cactus Tongue AIR wall-mounted bike hanger is easy to install and will have their bike proudly displayed like a piece of art.


Time to get rowdy with gift ideas for the mountain biker in your life! Mountain bikers love a bit of bling and tend to be quite passionate about their favourite brands. Here are a few top gift suggestions for MTBers.

Granite Juicy Nipple Tubeless Valve

Going tubeless is one of the first things mountain bikers do when they get a new bike. Doing so requires the right tubeless valve, and there’s nothing better than Granite’s Juicy Nipple tubeless valve for the job. The caps, which come in 7 different colours, also act as a valve core removal tool, meaning you can easily top up tire sealant, anytime anywhere.

Transition TBC 7 Panel Trucker Cap

We’ve got thousands of Transition fans here in the UK, if the cyclist in your life owns a Transition, it’s likely they’re a big fan of the brand too. What better way to show this stoke than with one of Transition’s 7 panel trucker caps?

Urge AllTrail MTB Helmet

Perhaps the mountain biker in your life has had the same helmet for years… and is due an upgrade? The Urge AllTrail is the perfect all-round MTB helmet. In-mould construction, adjustable size, numerous vents and large coverage – all the ingredients are there for a helmet that’ll see you through both mellow family rides and trail centre days.

Available in two size ranges and five colourways.


Whether they’ve been cycling to work forever, have taken it up during the pandemic or are just starting, commuting by bike is always to be encouraged. Make sure they keep their bike safe, stay visible and look after their kit with our top selection of gift ideas for commuters.

Master Lock U-Lock

The Master Lock U-Lock is one of the safest and most affordable bike locks on the market. Its Sold Secure Diamond rating will be sure to keep thieves at bay.

It features a 10,4cm or 8cm wide hardened steel body for maximum strength and reliability. The 14mm diameter double locking shackle is made of hardened steel, offering extra resistance to prying, cutting and sawing. The disc key cylinder prevents picking. The Limited Lifetime Warranty provides peace of mind from a brand you can trust.

Available in two sizes.

Cactus Tongue Wrap Wall Mount

Bike storage can be cumbersome, but it can also be simple, space-efficient, and elegant. Introducing the Cactus Tongue Wrap Wall Mount. The perfectly simple wall mount to keep your bike out of the way when spacer matters most.

The new Cactus Tongue WRAP Wall mount allows cyclists to store their bike vertically on the wall from either the front or rear wheel. Handmade in the UK, the WRAP is beautifully formed from stainless steel supplied with a reinforced protective leather sleeve and scuff-plate to protect your wall from tyre marks. Available in 8 coloured leather sleeve options to match your décor or your bike, and with or without scuff plate.

BBB NanoStrike 400 Combo Front and Rear LED Light Set

Commuting to work and back by bicycle means one thing: you are going to have to ride in the dark! Keep your visibility high, for yourself and other road users, with the BBB NanoStrike 400 Combo light set.

400 lumens up front and 100 lumens at the rear – a headlight with unmatched power to size ratio.


What will Santa bring your bike-obsessed children this year? A new bike is the dream, but a new helmet to keep them safe is a must. Why not check out our selection of top Christmas gift ideas for children below.

Christmas Gift Guide - Gifts for Kids

Urge Nimbus Helmet

The Urge Nimbus helmet borrows all of the features from its big brother the AllTrail helmet, and adapts it to children’s heads.

The in-mould construction makes it safe, lightweight and provides maximum ventilation. The ring system allows for a quick and easy adjustment, even for kids.

Dainese Scarabeo Knee Pads

If your little one is starting to send it a little more than you’d anticipated, then it’s time to wrap up in the correct protective gear.

There’s nothing better than the Dainese Scarabeo range on the market. The Dainese Scarabeo Knee Guard is constructed around the Pro-Shape protector; inspired by the geometry of auxetic materials present in nature. Following an impact or stress expand in all directions simultaneously increasing the area of coverage.

Urge Deltar Youth Full Face Helmet

Is your little one taking up BMX or is starting to show desire for Bike Park days? Then you’ll want to step the helmet game up a notch. The Urge Deltar Youth is THE ideal kids full face helmet.

The Deltar Youth is a super lightweight helmet that fits like a glove and will provide all the protection required in case of a bad fall. Not only that, but the shell is also made from recycled EPS and straps from recycled PET, making it one of the most eco-friendly helmets on the market!

We hope you’ve enjoyed this Christmas Gift Guide for cyclists and are now filled with lots of ideas for the bike lover in your life.

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