Over the last few months, CeramicSpeed have been quietly rolling out a rather substantial update to the way the industry treats headset and pivot bearings. Showcased for the first time back in 2018 at EuroBike, CeramicSpeed’s SLT bearings brings Solid Lubrication Technology to cycling with the aim of setting a new benchmark for bearing durability.

Featuring an oil-encapsulated solid plastic polymer and stainless-steel materials these bearings are self-lubricating, corrosion-resistant, and maintenance-free – making them more resilient than ever.

The SLT bearings are being configured as OPD (pivot) and OHD (headset).

SLT Bearings – why are they important?

Headset and pivot bearings are prone to two things: grease wear off and dirt ingress. As such, they require regular servicing in order to keep the bike running smoothly. Not only does this cost money to the rider, but in the case of bikes with integrated cable routing (which a lot of high-end road and TT bikes have nowadays), it also costs a lot of time to the mechanic.

“The micropores in the otherwise solid polymer evenly distribute just enough oil to keep the bearing well-lubricated, while also containing sufficient oil for it to be self-lubricating over the lifespan of the bearing – even when ridden in the harshest of conditions.”

CeramicSpeed SLT Bearings

What about corrosion?

CeramicSpeed are confident that corrosion will be kept completely at bay. This is thanks to the combination of the outer seal and the solid polymer, which makes it almost impossible for water and contaminants to penetrate the SLT Bearings.

“If moisture should get inside, the stainless-steel material of the bearing races and balls turns worries about corrosion into yesterday’s fears.”

CeramicSpeed SLT Bearings

What if my SLT bearings fail?

Test results for the CeramicSpeed SLT pivot bearings have seen 300% better durability than traditional bearings. So much so that your SLT bearings are now likely outlast your frame.

As a result, CeramicSpeed have decided to introduce their Lifetime Warranty to their SLT bearings, ensuring unrivalled performance for years to come.

“Our SLT (Solid Lubrication Technology) Bearings for Headsets and Rear Suspension Pivots are designed to be ridden in the most grueling conditions. In the lab and out on the trails we’ve done our very best to push these bearings to failure, but our efforts have ultimately been unsuccessful. This gives us the confidence to back all our SLT Bearings with a lifetime warranty.”

CeramicSpeed SLT Bearings on the Colnago C68

Are they available yet?

Yes. CeramicSpeed first rolled out their SLT bearings as OE parts for Factor and more recently for Colnago’s C68 launch.

Now, they are rolling out SLT bearings as after-market products for a number of bikes. Notably Colnago’s C64, V3RS and G3X, but also Scott Spark, Pinarello F12, Orbea Orca Aero Avant Terra, Factor O2, Cervelo P5 and more…

CodeProduct NameRRP
110945CS OHD SLT Headset Bearing 1″ 27.15 x 38 x 6.5mm 36/45°£114.95
110942CS OHD SLT Headset Bearing 1.1/8″ 30.15 x 41 x 6.5mm 36/45°£114.95
110946CS OHD SLT Headset Bearing 1.1/4″ 33 x 44 x 6mm 36/45°£114.95
110947CS OHD SLT Headset Bearing 1.1/4″ 35 x 44 x 5.5mm 36/45°£114.95
110944CS OHD SLT Headset Bearing 1.1/4″ 35 x 47 x 7mm 36/45° (C68)£114.95
110943CS OHD SLT Headset Bearing 1.3/8″ 37 x 48.9 x 5mm 36/45°£114.95
110940CS OHD SLT Headset Bearing 1.5″ 40 x 52 x 7mm 36/45°£114.95
110941CS OHD SLT Headset Bearing 1.5″ 42 x 52 x 7mm 36/45°£114.95
110854CS OHD SLT Headset Bearing Kit Canyon Lux£224.95
110855CS OHD SLT Headset Bearing Kit Cervelo P5 Disc & S5D£224.95
110856CS OHD SLT Headset Bearing Kit Colnago C64 & V3RS£224.95
110857CS OHD SLT Headset Bearing Kit Colnago G3X£224.95
110858CS OHD SLT Headset Bearing Kit Factor O2 & Ostro£224.95
110860CS OHD SLT Headset Bearing Kit Orbea Orca Aero Avant Terra£224.95
110859CS OHD SLT Headset Bearing Kit Pinarello F12£224.95
110861CS OHD SLT Headset Bearing Kit Scott Spark Carbon 2022£224.95
110948CS OPD SLT Pivot Bearing S61801-RS£69.95
110949CS OPD SLT Pivot Bearing S61802-RS£69.95
110862CS OPD SLT Pivot Bearing Kit Canyon Lux£379.95
CeramicSpeed SLT Bearings on the Colnago C68

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