OSPW Aero – the world’s fastest pulley wheel system just got faster…

Introducing the OSPW Aero. Ever since its inception back in 2015, the CeramicSpeed OSPW has established itself as the fastest pulley wheel system in the world. Lab testing has continually confirmed this, while on-the-road verification through wins in everything from Triathlon World Championships to Grand Tours and Monuments has placed the CeramicSpeed OSPW securely ahead of the pack.

CeramicSpeed OPSW Aero

Codeveloped with Simon Smart and Drag2Zero

But given CeramicSpeed’s winning mentality and innovative DNA, they’re constantly striving to further develop and perfect their products. It’s this relentless approach that has seen the new CeramicSpeed OSPW Aero come to fruition.

The Aero System has been developed in close collaboration with one of the world’s leading aerodynamicists; Simon Smart, founder of Drag2Zero with a background in Formula One before he turned his attention to cycling in 2007.

Lifetime warranty

CeramicSpeed OSPW Aero

The development process has been a nearly two-year continuous dialogue with Simon Smart, where extensive wind tunnel testing has influenced multiple design iterations. The end result is an entirely new cage structure wrapped around CeramicSpeed’s existing mechanically optimised design.

It has taken meticulous effort to keep the weight of the aerodynamically optimised cage down while retaining critical system stiffness for precise and crisp shifting. But, with a UCI approval and Ironman World Championship podiums already to its name, the CeramicSpeed OSPW Aero has only just begun to show its impact at the highest level of racing.

CeramicSpeed OSPW Aero

Handbuilt CeramicSpeed coated bearings

“The CeramicSpeed OSPW has class leading aerodynamics for its size. Given that this only represents about 1% of the total system drag, we knew that we had a challenge on our hands particularly as the rear derailleur cage sits on the most complicated area of flow on the bike, and also given the position and angle changes. This is one of the most complex areas of the bike to develop” – Simon Smart, founder of Drag2Zero

CeramicSpeed OSPW Aero

An aero-informed design

The design of the OSPW Aero refines aerodynamics by focusing on frontal area impact, as well as smoothing and controlling the trailing wind.

White paper

Wind tunnel testing shows that the OSPW Aero locally reduces drag by 40 % on average and at some points up to 60 % compared to a stock derailleur. For all the science, data, and info about testing, read the full white paper here.

CeramicSpeed OSPW Aero
CeramicSpeed OSPW Aero

World-class Speed

With podiums during Giro d’Italia stages and the Men’s and Women’s IM World Championships in St. George to its name already, the OSPW Aero has only just begun to show its impact at the highest level of racing.

CeramicSpeed OSPW Aero

Technical Specifications

Shimano Dura Ace 9100/9150
Ultegra 8000/8050 SS
Shimano Dura Ace 9200/9250
Ultegra 8100/8150


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