Running is one of the most popular ways to exercise in the world, and it’s so easy to get started because you don’t need any expensive kit, just comfortable clothing and a pair of running shoes. If you get the bug, however, and want to keep running all year round, you’ll find it much easier to get out in all weathers if you have running gear that can protect you from the elements.

When you’re running in cold or wet weather, you’ll need clothing that can keep you warm and dry. Cold muscles are more likely to get injured, and you’ll be able to enjoy your running much more if you don’t end up soaked through. It’s also important to think about safety. It’s much darker in the colder months and you need to ensure that you are visible at all times while running. Read on for our tips and recommendations for running in cold, wet weather conditions.

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Running in all weathers: Essential clothing

When you’re choosing running clothes, it’s important to think about breathability and the freedom of movement you will have, but it’s also a good idea to consider waterproof qualities too, especially when you’re running here in Ireland! There are a few all-weather running essentials that will keep you going through the seasons, and we’ll be happy to help you find the perfect combination for you and your running habits.

Waterproof jacket

A good waterproof jacket that will keep the rain off is a must-have when you’re running in the winter months. You’ll need a hood to protect against sudden downpours and a breathable fabric that lets the water run off you rather than soaking into your clothing. If you’re into serious running all year round, you’ll love this Ronhill Men’s Tech Fortify Jacket. It’s windproof and waterproof,  with a hood designed to protect you without obstructing your view, and the high visibility design is ideal for keeping you safe. Our waterproof pick for women is the fabulous Ronhill Women’s Tech Fortify Jacket, designed to keep you dry without compromising breathability. It’s designed to be light and has a handy chest pocket for convenience, as well as reflective trim to keep you safe while you run.

Ronhill Men's Tech Fortify Jacket Navy/Citrus
Ronhill Men’s Tech Fortify Jacket Navy/Citrus


Gloves are essential for running in the colder months of the year, especially if your fingers tend to get cold when you are outdoors. These Wind-Block Flip gloves are designed to be lightweight and have a fold-away shell mitt to keep your fingers snug. We love the towelling thumb for wiping away perspiration! A great option to increase your visibility on darker days and evenings, these Ronhill Night Runner gloves are reflective and thermal so you can stay safe as well as warm and dry.

Base layers.

Base layers allow you to remove garments when you begin to warm up, and this Men’s Tech After-hours long-sleeved tee is the ideal option for visibility and warmth. It’s a practical choice, with a high collar and thumb loops, and it will wick away the sweat, too. The Women’s Tech Thermal Tee is a long-sleeved option that will give you added warmth and protect you from the elements but also offers the practicality of wicking and venting, with a handy front zip for ease, and is bright enough to stand out from the crowd.


A hat will make a huge difference to your comfort when running in colder weather, retaining your body heat and allowing you to regulate your temperature more effectively. This Ronhill Night Runner Beanie is a stylish choice that makes the most of reflective thermal fabric to ensure you are warm and visible when you’re running in the evenings or on darker days. This is a breathable option that will wick away any moisture and keep you comfortable as you run. If you prefer a bobble hat design, you’ll love this warm and comfortable Ronhill Bobble Hat with a reflective bobble.

Running leggings.

Running leggings can be a game changer, especially if you’re used to running in shorts in cold weather. You’ll appreciate the Brooks Women’s Nightlife Tight for its great fit, moisture-wicking fabric and well-designed pockets, and the reflective design is ideal for ensuring you are easily spotted by drivers when you’re out in the dusk or dark. Running leggings for men offer the same excellent benefits, or you could try these New Balance Men’s Impact Run All Terrain Waterproof Pants, which are a sustainable option that is designed to be waterproof and comfortable, allowing for active movement and a great fit.

Neckwarmers and buffs.

The trick to staying warm while you’re running in cold or wet weather is to prevent your skin from getting wet and cold. Neckwarmers and buffs offer the ideal solution by covering areas of skin that would otherwise be exposed to the elements and allowing the chill factor in. These handy accessories come in a range of eye-catching prints that will keep you smiling even when the weather is terrible, like this Buff Original EcoStretch Neckwarmer. It’s an all-round winner, with UPF 50 sun protection for warmer days and an extra layer of warmth when it’s cold outside, it’s good to know that it’s made from recycled plastic bottles, so you’re doing your bit for the planet as well as looking great while you exercise!


Socks are an essential part of your running kit, protecting your feet from the elements and keeping them comfortable in your running shoes. Compression socks are a great option as they encourage blood flow to your feet and lower legs, which not only promotes muscle health and growth but also keeps you warmer. The Edge Sports Hilly TwinSkin Sock is designed to keep your feet dry and wick away any moisture from your skin. It has a vented upper and arch grip for breathability and the double-layer construction gives you a luxurious way to keep your feet feeling great. You’ll probably need to experiment with different types of socks for running as everyone will have their own preferences, but when you find the best options for you, you’ll really feel the benefit.

Your running kit will make a big difference to your comfort and your performance, particularly when the weather is cold and wet. Protecting yourself from the elements will enable you to enjoy your exercise even on the coldest of days, and you’ll be able to concentrate on your fitness goals rather than feeling frustrated by the weather.

Becoming a Runner

If you’ve always liked the idea of running, or you’re looking to increase your fitness and feel that running would be a good way to do this, there are many ways to make the transition to becoming a runner. It’s worth investigating your local area as many places offer an event on a weekly or monthly basis for groups of people to run or jog together, taking the chance to socialise at the same time as getting fit. 

If you’ve never been a runner before or you haven’t run for a long time, you’ll find a programme such as Couch to 5K can help by giving you a structure to develop your stamina and endurance. Slowly building up your endurance and stamina gives you the best chance of enjoying running as you gradually increase the amount of time you run. You can do this by yourself or join a friend for encouragement, and you will be surprised by how quickly your fitness and enthusiasm for running improve. 

Running is an easy sport to get started with since you don’t need an expensive kit, just a good pair of running shoes. It’s worth taking expert advice when looking for running shoes, as choosing the right pair will protect your feet from damage or injury and ensure that you enjoy the process of learning to run. There’s nothing like the freedom of being able to run in the beautiful Irish countryside, and you’ll soon feel the benefit of all the endorphins it brings!

Running Kit from The Edge

Here at The Edge, you’ll find everything you need to make exercising easier and more fun. We’ve got a great range of women’s running clothes, men’s running clothes and accessories, and we’re always here to help you find the options that will work best for you. From running shoes to waterproof running jackets, our range includes styles and designs to suit everybody and every budget, and you can rely on the quality of our brands as we don’t stock products we wouldn’t use ourselves.

We are specialists in cycling and swimming equipment, as well as running and triathlon, and we will be delighted to help you plan and prepare for your outdoor adventures. We know how much difference the right kit can make, and we’ll help you to find the best choices for you and your lifestyle. Pop into our store in Cork or visit our website for our full range, safety information and more.


Love to cycle, run and swim!

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