Cycling is a great all-around exercise, excellent for cardio and muscle tone, and it’s easy to get out there and make the most of it. All you need is a decent bike and some comfortable clothing and you can start enjoying cycling in Ireland. We’re lucky to be surrounded by some of the most beautiful countryside and coastline in the world, and cycling is a fantastic way to explore it.

There are so many health benefits to cycling that it’s hard to know where to begin. Improving your physical and mental health is always a worthwhile goal, and if you’re already a cyclist, it’s great to know how much good you’re doing for yourself. However, if you’re new to cycling, it’s useful to remember how many benefits you can enjoy, so that you can give yourself that little extra motivation to keep going.

10 Reasons Cycling is Great for your Health

Cycling is one of the most popular ways to keep fit, and there are many reasons for that. Even the most seasoned cyclists, however, don’t always know exactly what their hobby is doing for their health. Whether you cycle to work every day or enjoy regular trail rides, read on to find out more about the health benefits of cycling.

1: Cardiovascular fitness.

It is commonly understood that cycling improves cardiovascular function and lowers your risk of cardiovascular disease, and this is a really big deal when you consider that this is one of the biggest killers in the world. Commuting by bike or enjoying a relaxing cycle after work is a great way to improve your heart health and increase your stamina, too.

2: Cycling is an Immune boosting.

We know that exercising is necessary to activate our immune system, and cycling is a great all-over workout. This means it’s an ideal way to boost immunity and strengthen your system to prevent illness and fight off seasonal bugs.

3: Strengthens muscles.

Cycling is a great way to tone up the muscles and it tends to have the most effect on the legs and glutes, which are areas that many people wish to target when they exercise. Warm up well before you cycle and warm down at the end of your ride to gain the most benefit for your muscles.

4: Increase brain power.

Exercise is great for the brain, boosting blood flow to the area, which enhances cell regeneration and neural connections. Studies are beginning to show the beneficial effects of regular exercise in preventing Alzheimer’s, and this is an excellent reason to get on your bike.

5: Mental health benefits.

Mental health is at least as important as physical health, and this is just beginning to be recognised. Exercise is great for mental health, releasing dopamine and endorphins that give you natural highs, and cycling is a great form of exercise to boost your mood since you are out in nature. Being in nature is known to calm the system and reset the mind, and we’re biased, but we think the perfect way to do this is on one of Ireland’s stunning cycle routes.

6: Cycling has Excellent Social benefits.

This is another benefit for your mental health, as socialising is essential for human development. You could meet up with friends to enjoy a cycle trail together or explore a new route with your family. There are many cycling groups and networks across Ireland, so you can get out there and meet new people who share your hobby, and this is a great way to improve your social life and your health.

7: Boosts healthy sleep.

Getting good quality sleep is a major factor in improving your health, and exercise can help with this by balancing your hormones and ensuring you are physically ready for sleep. When you are well rested, your body will function better and you will feel better in yourself, too, so make the most of cycling to help regulate your sleep.

8: Cycling Improves balance.

Balance is vital as we age, and those who maintain their balance tend to be more mobile and avoid the risk of falls in their later years. Cycling is a great way to maintain your balance and it helps to develop better coordination, too, so you’ll feel more confident and reduce your risk of an injury.

9: Supports joint healing.

Many people find that cycling is an excellent form of exercise for them since it is gentle on their joints. If you experience joint pain or stiffness, some forms of exercise may exacerbate this and cause you discomfort. However, cycling is a great low-impact way to exercise, bringing you multiple health benefits without putting extra stress on your joints.

10: Managing medical conditions.

There are many medical conditions that can be managed or treated with exercise, and getting into a regular cycling routine can really help. Cycling is adaptable to any level of experience so you can ensure your workout is appropriate for your health. Exercising is great for blood pressure, and experts suggest this can have a very positive effect in reducing the risk of catastrophic events such as strokes and heart attacks.

Cycling is an easily accessible sport, suitable for beginners and even those who haven’t exercised for a long time. If you’ve recovered from an injury or have not exercised regularly before, you can begin by cycling a short way on a flat, local route. This will help you to build up your stamina and you’ll be heading out on longer cycle routes in no time.

If you have a medical condition that affects your balance or your vision, you may find that cycling outdoors is not an ideal option for you. Talk to your doctor about your options for exercising and try a static bike or adapted bike if you are able to do so safely.

Cycling: Getting Started

If you’re new to cycling, here’s our quick guide to getting started. We’ve assumed you’re a complete novice who doesn’t have any of the kit yet so feel free to adapt this advice to your situation. 

Find a bike you love. If you’re investing in a bicycle, it’s worth talking to the experts and taking the time to try several different types. It’s all a question of balancing up your requirements and your preferences, so think carefully about the way you will use your bike.

Dress appropriately. You don’t need to be clad from head to toe in lycra to be comfortable on a bike, and you do not need to buy anything new. Simply ensure that your outfit is fairly close fitting so that there is no risk of getting fabric tangled on any part of your bike. Dress for the weather and remember that you’ll get warmer as you go so a removable layer that you can take off and put in your bag will be ideal. 

Take a bag. Whether you use a custom-made saddle bag or a rucksack, you’ll want to carry a bottle and some extra layers or snacks. Again, you don’t need to buy a particular sort of bag, it’s just a practical addition to your kit.

Wear a helmet. It’s not worth taking the risk of having a serious accident when a helmet can protect you so easily. Ensure your helmet fits you correctly and don’t be tempted to use a helmet that may have been dropped or damaged.

Find a group. If you want to make the most of the social benefits of cycling, join a local cycling group and see if you can meet some new people as well as discover a new sport. Alternatively, rope in a few friends who are also keen to start exercising, and make a plan together.

Pick a route. Have a look at the cycle routes near you and pick one to start with, then just grab your bike and go! Don’t overthink it, you’ll have plenty of time to adapt your plans in the future once you know what works for you, just be brave and get started!

Find Bikes and Cycling Accessories in Ireland

Here in Ireland, we have some stunning cycling routes that are suitable for beginners and families, and if you get the cycling bug, you’ll want to explore them all! Whether you’re looking for an eBike, a mountain bike or a city bike, we can help you to find the best options. We also offer servicing and bike repairs so we can look over your bike and check anything you are worried about before you head out on a bike trail.
You can pick up your new bicycle and all the cycling accessories you need at The Edge, and we’ll always be delighted to share our expertise and show you the best options for you and your lifestyle. Pop in and see us or visit our website to pick up your new bike and get outdoors!


Love to cycle, run and swim!

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