Running is a fantastic form of exercise, great for your cardiovascular health and muscle tone, and it’s easy to get started by simply exploring your local area. Whether you’re running on forest trails or on the roads around your home, you’ll want to be comfortable, warm and visible, and we have an excellent range of running clothing and equipment to set you up for success.

Ireland is a beautiful place to make the most of the outdoors, and running is a popular way to discover more of the countryside, but the weather isn’t always kind. It’s important to protect yourself against the elements when you’re running, prioritising your safety and comfort to ensure you enjoy your exercise. A waterproof jacket is a must-have item for runners, second only to a good pair of running shoes, and we know you’ll love our selection of well-designed running jackets for all weather.

10 Waterproof Running Jackets You’ll Love

Here at The Edge, we love running and we know what runners need to improve performance and feel great. Our range of waterproof jackets will give you everything you need for the weather conditions you’re likely to experience in Ireland, especially at colder times of the year, and they also make great gifts for the runner in your life. Here, we’ve selected some of our most popular waterproof running jackets and we’ll always be happy to talk with you about the options and help you choose the best design for you and your lifestyle.

Ronhill Men’s Tech Afterhours Jacket Blue
  1. Ronhill Men’s Tech Afterhours Jacket. The Ronhill Men’s Tech Afterhours Jacket is designed to provide the ideal combination of high visibility, comfort and waterproofing, with a hood that makes it the perfect option for running in bad weather conditions in the cooler months. It’s a great shade of hi-vis yellow, great for making sure you’re easily spotted by drivers and cyclists so it helps to keep you safe while you’re getting your daily exercise in. 
  1. New Balance Men’s Accelerate Protect Jacket Norway Spruce. This is a really good option for runners who love the outdoors and want to get out all year round. Featuring a windproof, water-resistant shell and a fleece lining to keep you toasty warm, it’s designed with reflective details to look great and ensure you stay safe as you run. You’ll love the athletic fit that is comfortable and streamlined, with pockets for convenience and style. 
  1. Ronhill Women’s Life Night Runner Jacket. Our women’s range includes many excellent options but we especially love the expertly designed Ronhill Life Night Runner Jacket, which is water and wind-resistant and stands out in the dark with reflective strips and bright colour choices. You can choose hot pink, pewter or reflective, and safety and comfort are equal priorities so you can enjoy your run, whatever the weather. 
  1. Ronhill Women’s Tech Gore-Tex Mercurial Jacket. If you love to run, you’ll want to get out there in even the harshest weather and this is a brilliant option for your comfort and protection from the elements. It’s completely waterproof, windproof and breathable, and it’s lightweight and comfortable, too. The bright blue colour way increases visibility in the dark, and you can add reflective strips or highlights to ensure that you are easily seen when you’re running on roads.
  1. Ronhill Women’s Tech Fortify Jacket. We love the Cabernet and Dune colour options that this great jacket is available in, and it’s the perfect choice for serious runners. It’s fully waterproof and perfectly combines protection and breathability in the most challenging weather conditions. It’s lightweight, so it won’t add a heavy load to your run, and the fully adjustable hood is designed to mould to your head so that it keeps you completely dry without obstructing your view. The chest pocket is a useful addition that allows you to store essentials like your running gloves, ensuring you can adapt to weather conditions which change as you run.
  1. Asics Women’s Accelerate Jacket. Protection from the elements is the key design element in this practical and comfortable running jacket from Asics. It’s a high-performance style that will keep you cosy and dry as you run in windy and rainy conditions and the hood can maximise rain protection or be tucked away discreetly for convenience. With thumb holes in the cuffs to ensure comfortable movement and reflective branding and bars for night visibility, this is a great choice for runners who value safety and comfort as they run. 
  1. Ronhill Men’s Tech Fortify Jacket. We can’t get enough of this waterproof running jacket that gives you the perfect combination of breathability and water protection, even in heavy rain. Made from lightweight fabric with a mouldable hood to keep out the rain without obstructing your view of the road or trail ahead, it’s a really good choice for runners who aren’t put off by the rain. 
  1. Asics Women’s Packable Jacket. Convenience is key when you’re running in changeable conditions, especially over long distances or when you’re taking part in an ultra event. This comfortable running jacket is lightweight and designed to pack away easily so that it can be carried as you run. It’s comfortable and features an adjustable hood and zipper pocket to enable you to carry the essentials with you. Don’t forget to add reflective details so that you don’t compromise on visibility while you are running, especially if you’ll be out on the roads or running in low-light conditions.
  1. Mizuno 20K ER Jacket. This waterproof and breathable jacket is a stylish, lightweight option that is designed for freedom of movement and complete protection from even the heaviest rain. We love the adjustable hood with a visor for increased rain protection and the reflective details that help to keep you visible as you run. 
  1. Nike Men’s Windrunner Jacket. This great-looking Nike jacket is super lightweight and water repellent so you can enjoy your run in wet weather conditions, and it’s well-vented for better breathability, too. The pockets are ideal for carrying those running essentials and the retro style means you’ll stand out from the crowd for all the right reasons while you’re pounding the pavements!
Nike Men’s Windrunner Jacket Black/Blue

Fall in love with running this season

Whether you’ve been running for a while or are just starting out, there are several ways to boost your enjoyment and ensure you make the most of your run. We love the Couch to 5K programmes that encourage new runners or those who haven’t been running for a long time to get out there and build up gradually to develop stamina and breathing techniques. This is a gentle way to adapt to running for longer periods each week until you are able to run for thirty minutes continuously, and you can download the app to encourage you with guidance and support from the coach of your choice. If the joy of running has eluded you in the past, this excellent programme is worth a try – you’ll soon be relishing the idea of your next run!

To start running, you’ll need a good pair of running shoes, and that’s about it! Running clothing and equipment can be added as you build up your running routine and develop your own favourite routes and habits. Wireless earphones are very helpful, allowing you to listen to your favourite inspirational music or podcasts as you run, although it is vital to ensure your safety at all times so take extra care if you are running on roads or near traffic. 

When you’re running in low light conditions, especially on dark mornings or evenings, you’ll need to ensure you can be seen by other road users and it can be surprising to discover how invisible you are at these times. Choose running clothes with visibility in mind, making the most of bright colours and reflective stripes, or add reflective strips or a sash to your running kit bag. Choosing equipment that helps you stay safe is always a good plan, and we can show you our full range and give you our professional advice when you pop in and see us at The Edge.

Running clothing and shoes in Ireland

Here at The Edge, we are proud of our professional reputation as experts in outdoor pursuits. We know what it’s like to want to get out in all weather conditions and we can help you find running shoes and running kit that will make all the difference to your comfort and style as you run. Whether you’re looking for your first pair of running shoes or upgrading your 100th pair, we have a great range of running shoes and clothing to ensure you find exactly what you need.

As well as your running essentials, we are specialists in cycling, swimming and surfing in Ireland, and we’ll be happy to help you find everything you need to get started within our range. You can order online or pop in and talk to us at The Edge at Kinsale Road in Cork, contact us at +353 (0)21 432 0522 or visit our website today.


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