One of the most beginner-friendly sports, running is a great activity. Whether you want to improve your fitness levels, compete, see more of your local countryside, or run sociably, it’s a sport that is accessible for many and comes with the added benefits of low costs and high returns.

If you’re just starting out on your running journey, you might be wondering what you really need to make a success of your new hobby.

While it’s wonderfully easy to get outside and get moving, there are a few things that should be on your shopping list, to ensure you keep yourself in the best possible form and comfort. At The Edge Sports Superstore, we stock all that you’ll need to enjoy running and make it into a great new habit. Here’s our guide to the essential running gear you need when you’re just starting out.

Do You Really Need Special Gear for Running?

They say the hardest part is getting started, and once you are out on the trail you’ll be feeling the buzz and all the health benefits of running. But running without some thought to your gear puts you at risk of sports injuries, and a lack of comfort that could see you giving up before you’ve truly started.

Get yourself ready to hit the track, trail or treadmill with a few good quality essentials, and you’ll be looking after your health and safety – as well as improving your enjoyment of your new sport.


Perhaps the most essential part of a good run is, supportive and well-fitting footwear is a must. Proper running shoes are designed to cushion your feet and joints from the impact of running, protecting your knees from injury and providing cushioning, support, and motion control.

Good running shoes come in several different types, and your choice will depend on your specific needs. Heavier shoes providing better support could be more appropriate for mixed surfaces and trail running; while lighter shoes that are more breathable would work for track running, especially for those who are looking to compete.

Many running shoes come with specialist features. Reflective strips can be a useful safety feature for those who plan to run at night; while gel technologies such as that showcased by the ASICS GEL-1000 range give optimal shock absorption.

Some shoes are designed to optimize grip, such as the Saucony Endorphin Speed-3. Feel confident in your balance, while knowing your feet are being propelled forwards by the special Speedroll technology used in the shoes.

  • If you have high arches in your feet, look for cushioned running shoes that will absorb more impact.
  • If you need more support in your mid-foot area, look for stable running shoes.
  • Those who overpronate will need extra support and should look for motion-control running shoes.
  • Neutral running shoes should tick all the boxes, including midsole cushioning and support on the arch of the foot. The Hoka One One Clifton 9 shoes are a great example of a neutral shoe.
  • Minimalist running shoes – also known as barefoot running shoes – are a very popular trend, enabling runners to feel closer to the ground and get a more natural feel.


The good news is, you don’t need to spend a fortune on running clothing. But it’s worth considering what your options are, so you feel great and look the part, whatever the season.

Running comfort can be greatly improved by choosing your outfit wisely.

Cold-weather runners should consider wearing gloves and hats; thermal layers can also be a useful way to balance minimizing bulk against the need for insulation. Clothing specially designed for cold weather running will stay breathable, wicking sweat away from the body to maintain the right temperature with no uncomfortable dampness. Layers such as the Ronhill Tech Prism range strike a great balance between keeping you warm and allowing your body to breathe once you’ve worked up a sweat.

Warm weather running holds a different set of concerns. Staying cool will be a top priority, but for many, they will want to find clothing that makes them feel comfortable too – stripping off completely isn’t for everyone! Browse the huge range of styles at The Edge Sports to find the perfect pair of shorts and classic running tops.

Compression Clothing

For some runners, clothing does require a little more specialization. Compression clothing is considered game-changing by many. Compression socks are designed to help the blood flow faster and more easily around the body by applying measured pressure. In turn, this helps you move faster while you train and compete and helps you recover quicker after exercise. By improving blood flow, compression running socks reduce lactic acid build-up and reduce exercise-associated pain.

Sports Bras

For women, it’s really important to invest in a good quality sports bra before taking up running. A well-fitting sports bra is a key way to protect the breasts from injury and give you the support you need to enjoy yourself.

At The Edge Sports, our wide range of sports bras feature the latest textile technology, with cleverly engineered fabrics to wick away sweat efficiently and keep you feeling fresh. Moulding for shape and fit and mesh panels are extra luxury features to look out for. 


Sunglasses are an underrated running essential. Not only can your eyes be damaged by the sun, but even the glare of water or snow can be harmful. So sunglasses aren’t just for hot weather, they’re a year-round essential.

Water Bottles

It’s key to stay hydrated when engaging in any aerobic activity, but it can feel awkward to carry a normal bottle with you on your run. At The Edge Sports, we’d recommend a specially designed running bottle such as the Ronhill Wrist Bottle. This clever piece features a hole in the centre of the bottle for you to fit your hand through, making it much easier to grip whilst running, and more streamlined to your body too.


It’s not practical to lug a bag with you on your run, but chances are you might need a few essentials on board, such as your house keys, phone or wallet. In this case, it makes sense to get some specialist running storage solutions that mean you can keep running unencumbered, but still have everything you need on hand.

Running storage comes in a variety of designs, from the classic waist belt (the Ronhill Solo Waist Belt comes in red or black); to armbands made to accommodate your phone such as the Ronhill MP3 armband.

Safety Gear

Finally, it’s well worth taking a moment to consider your safety whilst out running. If you plan to train at night, on dark winter evenings, or in low visibility weather such as rain or fog, it’s well worth investing in some hi-vis gear. Reflective bibs such as the Ronhill Run Bib can make you so much safer, meaning traffic can see you whether it’s dark or not.

You could also consider armbands to add to your visibility, such as those from Brooks, or equip yourself with some specialist lights – Ronhill Light Armbands come in red and white, and fit snugly on your body so that they don’t interrupt the flow of your run.

Are You Thinking About Taking up Running?

Come to The Edge Sports for friendly expert advice on everything you need to enjoy your new sport. From footwear to armbands, hi-vis vests to water bottles, we’ll help you get out the door in style and get running today!

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