10 Benefits Of Electric Bikes

Enjoy the benefits of cycling with less effort. Electric bikes (E-bikes) offer an easier, quicker, ride than a regular pedal-powered bicycle but retain all of the best bits. Get out into the fresh air without breaking a sweat. Head to work on two wheels for a healthy start to the day. Have fun with friends and family exploring far and wide. You’ll find that with an electric bike, you can even cycle further and for longer.

There are electric bikes for every type of cyclist from commuters and everyday cyclists to off-road adrenaline seekers. We asked our in-house bike experts what they think the best benefits of Electric Bikes are. Here’s what they told us.

1. Electric Bikes Are Easier To Cycle

Cutting straight to what is possibly the absolute top benefit of an electric bike – they make cycling easier. There isn’t a cyclist in the world who relishes the idea of cycling up hills. With an electric bike, you’ll fly up hills like never before. Thanks to the pedal assist design of electric bikes, hill riding and cycling, in general, will feel much easier.

After using your electric bike, you’ll find that you feel less fatigued than you would after cycling a standard bicycle. That’s because you can push yourself and the bike as much as you like by pedalling hard or pedalling slowly. Electric bikes are designed to make life easier, we think they make it more fun too.

2. Electric Bikes Are Good For Fitness

One misconception about electric bikes is that they make cycling so easy that there is no fitness benefit. The fact of the matter is that electric bikes help you cycle but they don’t cycle for you. So, whether you’re using your electric bike to get to work or mountain biking, you still have to pedal.

There have been plenty of studies about the fitness benefits of electric bikes. Studies that summarised, time and again, that electric bikes do benefit fitness. One study found that electric bikes are “capable of providing much of the cardiovascular health benefits obtained during conventional bike use”. While another reported that the breathing and heart rates of participants were raised “enough to get a meaningful workout”.  So, though electric bikes are quicker and require less effort, you can still use them as part of your fitness efforts.

Thanks to the ease of cycling an electric bike, you will find that you get the health benefits with less effort. Or, at least with what feels like less effort.

3. Electric Bikes Can Help Improve Your Mood

Did you know that electric bikes can help improve your mood? After just a 30-minute cycle on your electric bike, your body will release endorphins. Endorphins are an important chemical hormone that we need for better health. They are the chemicals in your body that soothes aches and pains and boosts your mood.  A lack of endorphins can lead to problems regulating moods and managing stress.  So, hop on your bike for fewer aches and to feel great.

4. Electric Bikes Are Great For Commuting To Work

One of the reasons that electric bikes have become so popular in Ireland is because of the benefits for commuters. People commuting to work have found that they can get to work quickly and still feel fresh. Plus they have released all those endorphins so they feel great about starting the work day.

Electric bikes have a legal speed of 25 kilometres per hour and require less physical effort.  E-bike users find that this means they not only arrive quicker but also sweat less than on a standard bike. Using an electric bike to commute also means less time spent stuck in traffic and more fresh air. Unlike commuting by car or bus, cycling to work means you can zip through traffic and use more shortcuts too.

5. Electric Bikes Are Great For Socialising

Electric bikes are becoming more and more popular with families and friends who want to be active together.  With electric bikes, sightseeing as a group becomes even more fun and less tiring than city walking tours.  Since electric bikes mean less effort, they are more accessible for all fitness levels. So, now everyone can join in with group activities.

Group tours on electric bikes are a lot more relaxing thanks to the assisted pedalling. Instead of catching your breath and trying to keep up, you and your friends can chat whilst you cycle.  Electric bikes also make it much easier to venture further afield. Friends can visit each other more easily and adventures on your electric bike will take you to new places to explore.

6. Electric Bikes Are Cheaper Than A Car

For anyone looking to save money on their commute, electric bikes are a perfect choice. Not only do they cost less to buy than a car but they also cost a lot less to run and maintain. Easy to charge at home or work, the average electric bike costs just €1 per charge. The electric motor and batteries are designed to last up to four years too and are easy to replace. You also won’t need to pay for a licence, tax or NCT.

Top Tip: For an even cheaper recharge cost, charge your electric bike at off-peak times.

7. Electric Bikes Are Available On Ireland’s Bike to Work Scheme

Not only are electric bikes cheaper for commuting, but you can also get one through Ireland’s Cycle to Work scheme. With the Cycle to Work scheme, you can claim up to the first €1,500 of an electric bike price tax free. To avail of the scheme talk to your employer. They will purchase the electric bike you want and deduct payments from your gross salary.  You will also pay less PRSI or USC thanks to the payments coming out before your regular tax payments. Then, if you decide to trade in your electric bike, in four years you can apply to the scheme again.

8. Electric Bikes Are Friendlier To The Environment

Electric bikes require very little electricity to work and don’t use any other fuels such as diesel or petrol. With zero emissions they emit a considerably lower pollution rate compared to cars.  If more people used electric bikes regularly, air quality in Irish cities and towns would improve rapidly. Additionally, batteries from electric bikes can be recycled so won’t end up in landfill sites.

9. Electric Bikes Don’t Need A Parking Space

Always struggling to find a parking space near your office? Electric bikes take up much less space than a car and can be securely stored indoors or outside. You’ll no longer need a parking spot or even a home garage. If you stow your bike indoors, you can use that time to charge it too. 

10. There Are Electric Bikes For Every Type Of Cyclist

Electric bikes aren’t only for commuters but also for the thrill seeking cyclist. Along with our hybrid and road bike electric bike ranges, we stock both hardtail E-Mtbs (electric mountain bikes and full suspension E-Mtbs. Mountain biking enthusiasts are loving the addition of pedal assist for their adventures off-road.  Having the option of pedal assist for the accent means you can save your energy for the fun bits.

If you have any questions about which electric bike will suit your needs, talk to a member of the Edge Sports team.


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