Alex from our Exeter shop let us know her thoughts on this classic walking boot:

Having had Mammut boots before I was really excited to try out the Nova Tour II. Mammut have been around since 1826, and have a reputation for their quality, durable products and my previous experienced had reflected this. 

When I first tried on the Nova Tour II they were stiffer than the boots I had currently been using and so it did take a little bit of getting used to. I spend a majority of my time in very cushioned running shoes and so going to something stiffer and higher, it did take a little bit of time to adapt to. I wore them around the indoors to get a full days wear out of them and when I was comfortable and set on them being right I made sure to get a few shorter day walks in with them before the Dartmoor Crossing walk

One of my first walks in them I took them up to Dartmoor to catch the last of the March snow. As I’m sure everyone does with new boots, I headed straight for the puddles to test out the waterproofing! And they did not disappoint! Fully Goretex lined and with the backup of having the Nubuck leather upper, my feet stayed fully protected from all of the cold wet puddles I stood in, bogs I stomped through and snow I jumped in! And this level of protection has continued in all of my outings with them since, whether it be across Dartmoor, the Brecon Beacons or the North Coast. 

The 3D memory foam has meant that the Nova Tour II have continued to grow more and more comfortable with time and 6 months on they feel made just for me! It has also added to the comfort of the boot, the insoles have been brilliant and helped cushion my feet on firmer trails. A recent ramble around Pen Y Fan and surrounding hills left my feet feeling good as new at the end, no sore spots or tired soles and I was raving about the Nova Tour II to anyone who would listen (Especially all my friends with sore feet – so they’d best buy a pair before our next trip!). 

Another feature that I’ve found very helpful is the liquid rubber protection! If you’re like me and are either clumsy or easily distracted by pretty views and forget to pick up your feet then this is for you! If you’re a local to Dartmoor then you’ll be well aware of the granite scattered tors and what a danger this can be to the toes of your boots! The Liquid Rubber protects and buffers the worst affected zones and keeps them looking good as new even after a good battering! 

The women’s fit typically means that the mid foot and heel are a little slimmer than a unisex or men’s last, and a little lower volume. On the Dartmoor multi day walk I did notice that I had to lace them up a little tighter around the ankles to push my heels back into the heel cup – as my heels are particularly narrow. This wasn’t a massive issue, it just meant I adapted the lacing and utilised the two zone lacing of the boot and since then have found they’ve moulded to my foot perfectly and no longer need much attention, if any, to get them to fit. 

I have had an amazing time in these boots, from sure footed scrambles around the hills to multiday hikes I cannot wait to drag them out on many many more adventures and already have big plans for them over the next year! I feel that in the Nova Tour II, I have a pair of boots that I can take out for big multi day adventures but that I can also rely on for messing around locally and feel comfortable, supported and dry in when doing shorter rambles as well.