Read on as we proudly proclaim everything we love about this underrated festive essential and highlight some of the very best from our range.

There is a great injustice at Christmas time that we feel goes highly unspoken. There is a sad stereotype of opening up your first gift of the festive season with hearty anticipation and a wide grin on your face, only to receive a dull pair of socks. Well, this is wrong we tell you… WRONG! In our minds there is nothing quite like a good, thick pair of socks to not only keep your feet warm throughout the chilly season but also in our world, to get you and your feet across the highest hills and ranges.

WE LOVE SOCKS! Decent, well-made walking, trekking and mountaineering socks that is. The kind with technical, outdoor activity knitted into every stitch. Whether made up of the finest Merino Wool, technical synthetic fibres, tough stretch elastane, or at their best, a mix of all three, a good technical sock is the very best gift you can give to hardy outdoor folk. Today on the Taunton Leisure Blog, we’re going to be showing you some of our very favourite options amidst our vast selection of superb socks. You’ll see highlights from some of the best sock makers in the game and we’re very proud to stock such fancy friends for your feet.

Smartwool Men’s Classic Mountaineering Maximum Cushion Crew Socks

Smartwool’s thickest and warmest sock is perfect for walks and treks in very cold climates. Their elasticized arch brace offers a secure, lasting fit, and flat knit toe seams help with in-shoe comfort. These thick and warm socks help ensure that your feet stay comfortable, no matter how long the hike is.


Smartwool Classic Hike Full Cushion Crew Socks

A little light than the Mountain socks (above) but still with loads of warmth and cushioning. Made from responsibly sourced, ZQ-certified wool and recycled nylon, An elasticized arch brace holds the sock in place and adds additional support, while a flat-knit toe seam keeps you comfortable throughout the day.

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Bridgedale Explorer Heavyweight Socks

With thick cushioning for warmth, a soft-knit cuff for comfort, and double-density pads beneath your feet for all-day impact resistance.

Featuring Merino Comfort Fusion Technology that creates a soft, fast-drying, unrestrictive and durable sock. The Comfort Fit features a super stretchy ribbed cuff around your calf allowing the sock to be worn comfortably up or down. The toe box is closed with an almost invisible Flat Toe Seam minimising bulk around your toes whilst the sock is kept securely in place with an Elasticated Arch and 3D-shaped heel cup.

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Bridgedale Hike Ultralight Coolmax T2 Ankle Socks

Maybe not the cosy Christmas socks you had in mind, but for a trail runner, you can find no better! Ultra-light T2 micro cushioned non-wool Coolmax® sock with sculptured ventilation for warm weather walking or trekking OR cold weather running.

Bridgedale’s lightest non-wool micro cushioned sock for hot weather adventure, the Hike Ultra Light T2 Coolmax® Performance ensures your feet stay cool, comfortable, and dry in hot climates.

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Meindl MT6 Merino Socks

Making good use of Merino’s natural properties, this merino-acrylic blend sock is soft yet durable, temperature regulating and naturally antibacterial for reduced odour – even when worn on consecutive days. The bioceramic crystals in the sock lining enhance insulation and provide extra comfort.

These socks feature a soft, flexible, and comfortable cuff, ventilation channels and padding along the forefoot, toe, ball, and heel of the foot. Low-profile seams provide next-to-skin comfort and are abrasion resistant. The anti-slip construction on the back of the heel and flex channels accommodates the width and length of the foot.

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