Written by Nick B, our footwear buyer and connoisseur.

Are you looking at upgrading your boots for this autumn/winter, or maybe just looking for the next best thing for getting out onto the trails and exploring? Well, look no further than our superb range of boots from Altberg to take you on this journey and many more besides

Altberg is one of, if not our most trusted brand of walking boots and there are many reasons behind this confidence and affection we have for the brand

  • A 30-year history in boot making
  • Uk design and European production in Altbergs own factories
  • Only the highest quality materials sourced from the EU are used
  • 3 last shapes and 5 widths across the range enable us to attain an excellent fit for almost any foot

Established in 1989 in Richmond, Yorkshire, Altberg has built an outstanding reputation as one of the UK’s finest walking bootmakers. Utilizing a mixture of traditional shoemaking and modern manufacturing techniques they have crafted and created a small range of beautifully made boots, and we are lucky enough to stock many of those models

Let’s talk a little about the 3 main lasts they use on their walking boots

  • The original Altberg last in 5 width fittings
  • The Aforme active last
  • The GFit high volume/wide last

The original last – Is just that, the first last that mike, the founder of Altberg, designed. After making the first boots on the medium width fitting, he realised that to get a perfect fit for the customer, they needed to accommodate wider and narrower foot shapes so he developed 4 other width fittings. It is not as simple as just increasing width across the forefoot however, the volume and shaping all over changes with every width fitting too. The Fremington and Tethera are both based on this last

The A-forme active last – This is a last that was developed as a fusion between the characteristics of a modern running shoe and a classic walking boot. Designed to feel like a walking boot but give the wearer the spring and go forward motion of a running shoe, it has done just that, and is extremely popular with many customers due to its exceptional heel hold and snug fit around the arch and over the top of the foot. The asymmetric shape characterises the boots made on this last such as the Malham and Nordkapp

GFit high volume wide last – The lasts name says it all really. This one is for the customer with the wider and higher volume foot shape. The depth and width in the forefoot area is increased significantly whilst keeping a medium-sized heel cup to help hold at the rear of the boot. It also has a similar Asymmetry and toe spring to the Aforme last shape. The Kisdon and Keld are both made on this last

In store all of the above fitting choices translates into a great toolbox for our staff to delve into. I am not guaranteeing that we can find an Altberg boot to fit your foot, but it is highly likely that we can. If you can’t make it to one of our shops then no problem, we can provide a lot of help online and one of our staff members will be happy to email Zoom call or ring to guide you through the process of buying the right Altberg boot for you.