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Known for their high-tech knickknacks and innovative outdoor gadgets, the Aussie brand, Sea-to-Summit create innovative, effective, and relevant products for all manner of outdoor activities. Their sleeping bags are no exception to this. In effect minimalist, as every good sleeping bag should be, their down sleeping bags are amongst some of the very best warmth-to-weight ratio products within our range thanks to the fantastic down and ultra-lightweight packable materials utilised. in and amongst our range you will find sleeping bags capable of keeping you warm on chilly British nights outdoors while weighing less than a bottle of water, being able to pack into one as well whilst it’s at it.

That wasn’t a joke!

The secret to S2S’s ultra lightweight construction is its combination of high fill power (fp) goose down and the ultra-lightweight fabrics utilised, combined they make for a very warm sleeping bag with a tiny pack size and carry weight. Take for example one of our favourite bags within the range, the Sea-to-Summit Spark Sp1 (stuffed and pictured above). It utilises 850 fill power down. Fill power is the size of the down cluster and describes how much is required to achieve a certain warmth. Thanks to larger down clusters ability to hold more warmth, you do not need to use so much in a sleeping bag to achieve decent warmth. Using a high fill power down such as the Spark Sp 1 gains the first element to its lightweight construction. The second element is the fabrics used to make up the main construction. lightweight 70D Nylon is used to keep everything together in a box baffle construction which eliminates cold spots. The decent 70D nylon also does a good job of protecting the feathers within by staying strong against abrasion. Impressive for fabric so lightweight that you can see the feathers through it. The Spark range comes in a variety of fill weights ranging from SP0 to SPIII, meaning you can choose the right bag for you, depending on where you’re camping and the temperatures around you. All are incredibly lightweight for their warmth factor!

The Sea To Summit Ascent range or women’s Altitude range offers the perfect backpacking balance of comfort vs weight and has more space than traditional mummy bags without compromising on thermal efficiency. The Free-Flow triple-zip design ensures this sleeping bag retains maximum warmth and efficiency when needed, and multiple ventilation options when it’s not. The half zip on the right side of the bag provides freedom of movement for both arms, additional ventilation and means the top third of the bag can be folded down as a mini quilt. The full length, two-way left side zip and separate foot zip also transforms the bag into a full quilt.

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