We’re unpacking the ON Cloud 5 waterproof, new to our range and brimming with nice features.

New to our range comes one of ON’s most popular pieces of footwear in a new generation. The Cloud 5 is made for those who live an active lifestyle and is just at home on rough trails as it is heading into town. Today on the TL Blog, we’ll be taking a quick moment to break down some of the shoe’s key features and explain what’s new to this generation.

Made with optimal comfort and ease in mind, the Cloud 5 comes laced up with elastic speed laces, meaning you need only slip them on to get a good , firm fit. If you want a standard lace however, a set comes included in the box for those who prefer to do things more classically. The coming of this new generation also makes for the most eco-friendly Cloud 5 yet. 90% of the polyester utilised in the construction of the shoe, including its new waterproof membrane is made up of recycled content. As the largest plastic plastic pollutant on the planet, it shows a big understanding of how best to optimise recycled materials. The upper of the Cloud 5 is made from 100% recycled materials.

Featuring ON’s own very special CloudTec sole units, walking and running in the Cloud 5 is better than ever, the new configuration in conjunction with a new midsole offers softer landings than ever before. The construction of the CloudTec sole offers the as well as the maximum take off all ON shoes are known for. It is no lie, CloudTec soles are proven to ease a huge amount of strain off your leg muscles, improving your heart rate and all in all offering a superb walking experience with less fatigue over time.
As previously mentioned, this new generation of Cloud 5 is the first to be fully waterproof. An integrated waterproof surround has been sewn into the shoe meaning the wet is fully locked out as long as you don’t jump in anything deeper than the depth of the shoe. This integration makes the shoe perfect for wet terrain such as grass and on wetter days. Not only this but the waterproof lining is also of a good quality that allows your feet to breathe comfortably, meaning moisture on the surface of your skin can wick away and evaporate. This is essential as there is no point in avoiding the wet if your feet are just going to sweat themselves soggy.
Of course, for those nighttime walkers and joggers out there, reflective elements have been worked onto the outer of the shoe, keeping you visible to passers-by.
All in all, if you’re looking for an everyday shoe that will keep your feet in optimal comfort while taking on all of life’s small adventures, we’d say that this is a shoe that is certainly worth your time. Available in all of our stores for properly trying on and online, the ON Cloud 5 is the everyday shoe that your feet deserve.

Available in both Mens and Womens options
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