Have look as Sam from the Exeter store takes on Mountain Equipment’s super versatile jacket and gives his thoughts.

Over the past few months, I have been fortunate enough to test out the Mountain Equipment Arrow Jacket. The Arrow Jacket is a highly versatile soft shell designed to provide protection from the elements offering a combination wind resistance, wicking and warmth in one extremely small, light package.

Weight and Performance

Coming in at just 306g (for the medium) this jacket is light enough to be stuffed in your rucksack or tucked away and attached to your harness for when you reach the top of your climb. Because of how light this is, I have found myself taking this jacket everywhere, whether it’s a multi-day hike across Dartmoor or the short walk to work on a windy morning this jacket performs fantastically. For such a lightweight jacket it certainly works well. The wind resistance performed far better than I had expected, offering protection from even strong winds in exposed areas of the moor. It has coped with the wide range of activities and conditions that I used it for.

How does it feel?

Not only does this jacket perform well but it is soft and comfortable enough to wear all day, it even works well over a thin base layer but can also be used as an outer with thin insulating layers underneath such as a t-shirt. Made with a 182g double weave fabric with a lofted inner face that is designed to provide its wind-resistant, wicking and of course a great deal of comfort.

In the name of comfort, the jacket also features Cover stitched seams, elasticated cuffs, and Mountain Equipment Active fit which is highly tailored to offer a snug fit over a lightweight layer.

My Experience

I was lucky enough to use this layer in several different conditions. One of which was hiking along the north Devon coast. Although the weather was nice there was a strong offshore breeze bringing a chill with it. Normally I would reach for a layer that would inevitably be to warm due to the activity. This time I was fortunate enough to reach for the Arrow jacket. The layer was perfect for keeping the wind off but not so warm that I was uncomfortable while still walking with my pack of. It was also small enough that when I didn’t need it could be easily slipped into the elasticated panel on my pack so that I could access without having to undo my bag.

Overall I have really enjoyed using the Arrow Jacket although it is definitely not a layer I would reach for in the shop I have been pleasantly surprised by its diversity and practicality. This is without a doubt a jacket I will be holding on to and continuing to use for a long time.

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This post was written by Sam, who can be found working hard at the Exeter Store. Sam completed a degree in Outdoor education and instructing at Marjon University before helping his old lecturer set up an outdoor education business teaching Bush craft, Mountaineering and Sea kayaking. In his spare time Sam is a keen photographer and videographer often filming adventurous sports like climbing, kayaking and mountaineering.