Forever trying to find ways to make their products as environmentally friendly as they can, Rab has taken the positive step of making one of their most popular products almost fully recycled.

One of the UK’s top outdoor gear makers, Rab has always since its founding looked for ways to improve its products and make them with as much thought into environmental impact as possible. This season they have made a radical change in the way that the Microlight Jacket, one of their most popular products is made. The Jacket now features not only a fully recycled Pertex Quantum outer fabric but has also partnered up with P.U.R.E, a company that produces the world’s first Global Recycling Standard certified recycled down insulation. They do this by sourcing down from post-consumer waste items like duvets, pillows, and other down products. The new Microlight jackets are made using a fully recycled 700FP goose down. Sorted and graded in Italy before being delivered to Rab and filling some of the finest insulated jackets in the outdoor gear industry today.

Why use recycled down?

Using recycled down is a sustainable alternative to virgin down and helps reduce Rab’s environmental impact, like many other brands at the moment, Rab has been taking steps to take more responsibility for their products and the effect making them has on the planet. This process helps remove unnecessary waste from landfills. Recycled down also uses less energy and water to produce, clean, and grade to the same standard as virgin down.

Does recycled down work as well as virgin down?

Absolutely! The team at P.U.R.E are experts at reclaiming down items like duvets and pillows. The reclaimed down is sterilized, cleaned, treated with Nikwax Hydrophobic treatment, and graded into different qualities resulting in the exact same insulation as virgin down.

Our Microlight range of course still includes the standard jacket, hooded Alpine models, and a longer version for women.

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