Over the years we have gained an excellent reputation for our accurate and knowledgeable footwear fittings, a service we offer completely free of charge.

Did you know that most people are wearing the wrong shoe size? Unfortunately, the majority of people seem to think that their feet are smaller or narrower than they actually are. That’s why when purchasing a piece of outdoor footwear in one of our stores we will always recommend that we measure your feet to identify the correct size for you. Wearing a piece of footwear that is too small can cause bruising and serious discomfort leading to bad knees and back, whilst wearing footwear that is too large can lead to too much movement, causing hike-spoiling blisters.

Every model of footwear is different but luckily our staff is very knowledgeable about our range, we know which boots suit a wider, narrower, high arched, low arched, thinner, broader (you name it) foot. Not only have we specially chosen our range to cover the entire spectrum of foot shapes, but we also have a wide array of footwear which is best for the activities you are looking to be taking part in. Are you looking to be taking day hikes along sub-tropical coastal paths on a hot summer’s day or are you looking to be ascending steep icy faces with the use of spiked crampons as you make your way to the summit of a high peak? We have footwear for that and everything in between, be it sandals, trainers, walking shoes, trail running shoes, approach shoes, climbing shoes, hillwalking boots, military boots, or mountaineering boots, we have them.

In the unlikely event that we are unable to achieve the best fit for your boots in store, we will offer you a credit note against your footwear purchase*
*Terms apply – see below

The team in our stores is dedicated to making sure that your footwear fits correctly, and they’ll spend as much time as it takes to make your feet happy.

Besides their wealth of knowledge through experience and training, they have many methods to adjust the fit of your footwear, including micro-adjustments to the shape. No two feet are the same, so our experienced team will examine and measure your feet before anything else.

Here’s how it works…


We’ll take the time to understand what you need from your next pair of boots, intended use, what you’ve worn before and any fitting issues in the past.

Leather or fabric, Gore-Tex or not, flexibility, cushioning, ankle support are all considerations…


We’ll measure both feet, in walking socks, fully weighted (stood up) and share these results with you. We’ll also discuss how your foot shape and size might effect your model choice and fit plus what boots from our current range might be suitable to select from.


Together we’ll choose the right boots for you, choosing from our wide selection of styles both in features and most importantly fit. You may have come in-store fixed on a particular model or brand but the key to comfort is choosing the right fit for your foot shape, width, and volume. There’s plenty of time for this process, we don’t rush you and you’re welcome to try multiple models and walk the store as much as you wish!

How our footwear fit guarantee works

In the unlikely event that we are unable to achieve the best fit for your boots, we will offer you an 80% credit note against your footwear purchase.

Here’s what you need to know…

Terms and Conditions

Your footwear must be fitted by one of our boot fitting
You must have a completed footwear registration card (our Store staff can supply this)    
with your receipt. 
The footwear is returned within 28 days of purchase.
An 80% credit note will only be issued after consultation with one of our boot fitting experts, and if we are unable to achieve a satisfactory fit or eliminate any issues.
Only to be used with walking boots or approach shoes.
Climbing boots and sandals are not part of this guarantee.
The footwear must be in a good, clean condition, in their original packaging and have been looked after.
Footwear credit excludes any accessories such as socks,
footbeds, gaiters or proofing.
Footwear credit excludes sale/special offer footwear.
Your statutory rights are not affected.


We want you to be happy with the fit of your boots and suggest that you take the following steps before going on a long hike!
Try your boots at home with your walking socks, preferably in the evening when your feet are warmest.
Once you are sure they are a good fit, start with a short walk.
You may need to re-adjust your lacing to improve the fit.


It is very important to look after your boots, so you get the best performance and prolong the life of your footwear.

Here are our top tips…
Apply appropriate waterproof treatment from new and regularly thereafter.
Pay particular attention to waterproofing the seams and crease point.
Always clean away any dirt from the out and inside of your footwear after use.
If your boot has a waterproof membrane, such as GORE-TEX (found between the upper and lining fabric), making sure that you keep the inside clear and free of debris will stop any damage being done to the membrane.
Never use direct heat to dry your footwear.
Store your boots in a dry place away from any vermin.

Get in touch

If you have any other questions about our footwear fitting service or would like to find out when would be best to come by, please give one of our stores in ExeterTaunton or Bristol a ring and we would be happy to help you.