Often overlooked, a poorly fitting backpack can be detrimental to any long-distance trek or day hike. To avoid any rubbing or unnecessary back strain, our knowledgeable staff are all trained to provide you with the best advice and techniques for helping you get the perfect fit, helping you get the most out of your adventures. Not only this but our staff are very experienced in backpack use and are happy to give out handy tips on the best ways to pack and adjust them for different uses, a good pack should be versatile and easily adjustable for different situations such as fitting over thick insulative clothing.

No two people have the same proportions and it’s vital to get a good fit, this is why we stock a good range of our favourite pack makers products, some in multiple sizes while others have excellent adjustability for different length backs. Our staff can and would recommend measuring your back using specialist equipment which we keep in store, it is a quick and easy process which yields great results. We will adjust the pack to you before purchase and are very happy to teach you how. (How to Fit your Back Pack post coming Soon!)

Our range covers everything from small daypacks or running packs to mammoth trekking packs capable of keeping you out on the trail for days at a time holding enough gear to prevent you from having to head back into civilization to restock on food.

If you have any questions about a certain pack then please feel free to ring one of our stores in ExeterTaunton or Bristol
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