Does wet weather impact hoof health?

Wet conditions tend to push water molecules into the small crevices within the capsule. When they dry out, the water molecules evaporate and leave these crevices open for invasion. 

What are the daily threats hooves can encounter?

  • Arena surfaces can be abrasive to horn
  • Turning out in a wet field and then coming into a dry stable
  • Remaining in a wet field can ‘flood’ the horn
  • Wet, holding fields continually sucking off shoes
  • Colder weather slows down hoof growth


We mustn’t forget:

  • Confirmation
  • Genetic traits
  • Ailments or pre-existing conditions
  • Previous injury/condition growing out/down

What can you do to help with hoof integrity?

Feed Five Star PROFEET.

This supplement comes into its own providing a unique sulphur response, providing excellent levels of Methionine, Biotin, MSM and Cysteine.

Many supplements focus on Biotin – this is proven to help with growth rates – but without adequate Methionine the di-sulphide bond that helps provide the integrity for each keratin structure will be weaker. Five Star PROFEET delivers the right sulphur response in the right ratios, providing strong overall tensile strength and hooves built to last.

Along with these benefits are the antioxidant support that of course addresses the oxidative stresses and the numerous additional support provided by nutrients such as Zinc which helps support the rebuild/repair process within the hoof capsule.

Five Star PROFEET is available to suit all, with a palatable liquid, powder or pellets.

NAF ProFeet Farrier Dressing from RB Equestrian

Feed Five Star PROFEET to Target

  • Horn Growth
  • Horn Quality
  • Hoof Capsule Integrity
  • Sole Versatility
  • Hoof Stability

Don't suffocate the horm

Applying a dressing or solution will allow the hoof to breathe – this means it needs to be able to expand and contract to enable the hoof to adapt to each environment it encounters. 

Oils and greases can often suffocate the hoof so your application needs to,

  • Protect the horn from contact with anaerobic bacteria and waterborne threats
  • Permeate through the outer layer of horn
  • Provide nutrients for the horn itself
  • Support the outer layer of horn
  • Provide a finish for the hoof

NAF have been working with farriers to develop Farrier Solution and Farrier Dressing by PROFEET.  The solution is a non-drip dressing, in a handy pot with a natural brush.  Long lasting and easy to apply.  The dressing is a balm capable of sustaining its appearance throughout the winter weather.  Both products have been designed with the health of the horn in mind, formulated to protect all types of hooves.

Two stages of hoof care this winter

Five Star PROFEET delivers the two stages of hoof care this winter. The supplement works internally to encourage growth and build strong, versatile horn whilst the application nourishes and protects the horn from the external threats faced daily.


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