Galloping across the sand or having a dip in the sea, a trip to the beach on your horse is on everyone’s bucket list.

For a day trip, Holkham beach is probably the best place to go with such a huge space to ride, and if you’re lucky enough then you may get the see the household Cavalry on their trip out. If you want a weekend away, there are several options to go, with Field Farm in Skegness or Holme-Next-the-Sea being popular places among many others.

My Beach Trip (1)

My beach trip:

05.30: alarm goes off, but you’ve not slept much as you far too excited

06.30: get to the yard to start packing the lorry

06.45: double check the lorry to make sure everything is in

07.00: load the horses and a final check of what is in the lorry (there is always something you forget!)

07.00-10.30ish: stop off for essential snacks for the journey, undoubtedly get stuck in traffic somewhere, play several rounds of ‘I spy’, and have a few karaoke sessions

10:30ish: arrive at Holkham and find somewhere to park, get tacked up

11.00: head off to the beach!

11.05: horse embarrasses you by peeing in the car park in front of everyone

11.10: horse gets down and tries to roll in the sand with you still on

11.15: horse refuses to go over the stream of water they need to cross

11.15-11.45: go exploring along the beach as far as you can see (don’t head too far left unless you want to come across the nudist beach) looking for areas where the ground is ideal for a canter

11.45: head back the way you came, at a nice, controlled canter

11.50: try to slow the horses down after losing control at them going full pelt gallop

12.00: stop for a breather for the horses, and a snack for the riders

12.30: head off to the sea to for a dip in the water

12.35: manage to stay on as your horse spooks when a wave comes towards them

12.40: persuaded the horse that the water isn’t scary and go for a stroll in the shallowest part

13.00: horse gets down and tries to roll in the water with you still on

13.15: have a canter through the water for a perfect photo opportunity

13.30: head back to the lorry, stopping every so often for kids to have a pat of the ‘pretty pony’

13.50: untack horses and let them have a graze on the grass while you have a picnic in the sunshine

15.00: load horses up to head home, double check you’ve not left anything

15.00-18.30ish: get stuck in traffic somewhere again, finish off the snacks you bought on the way and have a nap

18.30ish: get back to the yard, unload horses, empty and clean out the lorry

19:00: clean your tack from the salt water!!

19.30ish: head home and relax for the evening thinking about the awesome day you’ve had while looking back at the pictures

My Beach Trip (2)